Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why married men live longer than single ones...

subtitled: "What my husband ate while I was away"

It's amazing that single men can survive...if they are anything like hubby. I was gone for 3 days...a total of 8's what happened:

Lunch--PB&J sandwich and peach (not so bad so far)
Dinner--PB&J sandwich

Breakfast--cereal (normal)
Lunch--bag of popcorn (free at Ace Hardware) and Mountain Dew
Dinner--Tomatoes with salt, dry cereal

Breakfast--cereal (again, normal) plus starbucks double shot (not normal)
Lunch--forgot about lunch...ended up taking a late break after realizing he never had lunch, and went to 7-11 to eat two taquitos and another starbucks double shot
Dinner--microwaved a can of refried beans with creole seasoning and drank a can of peach nectar with applejack...

He is very glad that I am home and preparing meals for him again...of course, when he was single and not living in the dorms, he survived on bread and ketchup sandwiches, and leftover bagels and cream cheese that he would find in conference's a good thing we married young!

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Whimsy said...

If this had been winter and there were no in-season fruit available (toms are a fruit, you know). . . well, you don't even have a conference room in your house!

What?? No grilled steak??? What kind of bachelor is he, anyway???

You're right. Good thing he married young!