Friday, August 15, 2008

My new dishwasher...oh how I love thee...

Okay, you know you've been a housewife too long when you wax poetic about your new dishwasher...particularly if it is a inexpensive, not many frills variety.

I am currently researching whether or not to use my Cascade 2in1 Action Pacs with my new dishwasher, or if I should give them to my MIL and only use the Electrasol Tabs. I remember reading somewhere a while back that they could cause costly repairs (and I just didn't care with our old dishwasher...they dissolved very easily in the pathetic wash cycle the dishwasher could manage).

So, the dishwasher we ended up getting is an Amana 24 inch Tall Tub built-in in black. According to the saleslady, it was a top pick by consumer reports last year (and at least one reviewer got it because of something they read in consumer reports). Hubby stayed up until 1:45 last night (this morning??) getting it installed and making sure that it works. I've run it twice today, and my stuff seems to be coming out very clean! I am really pleased with it.

Hubby also found me some duct tape out in the garage (which is a pit where we can never find anything) so that I could repair the cheap WalMart laundry sorter that I broke down and bought over a year ago in desperation....the plastic joints were cracking, so a lot of duct tape later, and it's functioning well (if looking a little ugly!)

Our pug dog, Bubba had his checkup with the vet today. Hubby's been worried recently that he was looking skinnier and was worried that we haven't been feeding the dog enough...and our little report from the vet said he weighs in at 17.94 lbs and states "good job on Body Condition" because last year he was slightly overweight at his checkup. The good news is that hubby and I are doing a good job of keeping our dog and kids at healthy if we could just figure out how to do the same for us!

Bubba's problem area is his I googled how to brush a dog's teeth this afternoon. Plus, we researched heartworm medications, because he hates the current stuff we lame are our lives?

I just had to go let Charlotte out of her room...where she had escaped and gotten stuck with my newly repaired laundry kids are weird, I know!

I'm planning on writing a little bit about my favorite talk from the conference before too long...maybe for our 200th post? Sometime next week, I'd bet...unless hubby gets the blog writing bug again!

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Whimsy said...

Nice segue between "ugly" and "pug".

And, I'm glad you are happy with your new appliance!

I remind you of that if I ever hear you wax poetic over the pioneering life after reading all the Little House books to the kids. . .