Thursday, September 30, 2010

Small Successes

FaithButtonHere are my small successes for the week:

1- Not particularly small, but I must brag a little bit...SIL and I got together and made 60 Runzas, 30 Calzones, 36 Banana Muffins, 1 Apple Pie, Homemade Ice Cream, and some cookies from the leftover pie one afternoon! We are planning on getting together again tomorrow to do some more bulk cooking to keep the harvest crew happy and full.

2 - I have done school EVERY WEEKDAY without taking a day off since we started school on the 8th. The real test comes tomorrow, when our exchange student has the day off from school, but still needs to be in town several times during the day (homecoming parade in the early afternoon, volleyball game in the late afternoon, and possibly the homecoming football game) and then has to be in town several times on Saturday (an away softball game, then home to get ready for homecoming, then to an aunt's house for hair, and then I am not sure if her date will be picking her up and bringing her home or not!)

3- This is the third week in a row that I have actually planned out a menu...and although it doesn't always work out quite as planned, it is less stressful to have an idea of what to make and (for the most part) have the ingredients in the house!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Quick Takes Friday

I am starting to wonder if the fact that I spend 10 minutes trying to log into blogger means that I should blog less, or if it means that my computer can't seem to remember that I have a blog...

So, on to the Quick Takes!

Eva is SIX...and I am still in shock. Her party was a success, although I didn't have the house as clean as I would have liked. Since I picked up a cold three days before (that I'm still fighting...) had one day where I just didn't feel well enough to do much, one day of leader training for girl scouts, and my parents showed up two hours early for the party, I guess it was what it was. Eva had a great time, and we had 18 guests (a small party for this family!) I found out that three pounds of steak and 1 1/2 pounds of chicken is just the right amount of meat kabobs for that many, but that I over cooked on the vegetable front. My mom was teasing me about the amount of food I was preparing, but most of it was gone by the end of the party.

We took a family vacation to the black hills over Labor day weekend, and FIL even gave hubby the time off to come with it was me, hubby, the girls, our exchange student, MIL, and her exchange student. We rented a cabin that could sleep up to 12 (it would be a tight squeeze with 12 people) and had a really good time. Our first stop was for lunch in Alliance, NE with a quick stop to show the exchange students Carhenge.

Next up on our trip was Storybook Village, a free attraction in Rapid City. The little girls had a great time, and the exchange students were very nice about spending a couple of hours in a park with over sized storybook toys and displays. Eva and Charlotte had a great time on the train ride (the engine was a riding lawnmower covered with wood to make it look like a train) which was the only charge in the place ($1 per ride). Grandma had a great time in the gift shop. Then we took the big kids to the mall (both forgot to pack something for the trip) but the first thing they both bought were cowboy hats!

Mount Rushmore was next. Both Eva and Charlotte completed the Junior Ranger program...Charlotte's was pretty simple, but Eva was old enough for a much harder book, so she had to find out a lot more information. We stayed for the night show, which includes a movie, and is very patriotic. The exchange students thought this was a little strange, as at home, they do not sing the national anthem (unless it is at a national football game!)


Next day we took a tour of part of the Wind Cave at Wind Cave National Park. We left Grandma and Charlotte above ground for the 450 stair cave tour, and they talked to everyone who came into the vending area, and bought out yet another gift shop (Storybook Island, Mount Rushmore AND Wind Cave). Eva did a great job on the tour, and it is just a very interesting place.

Later that day, after taking the big kids out for dinner at a German restaurant (which was dubbed pretty good, but not authentic...they had a good laugh about Wiener Schnitzel being on the menu, because it is from Vienna, not Germany. Honestly, my mom always told me that it was called Wiener Schnitzel because it is made from veal, but our Austrian exchange student assures me that it is usually made from pork, and the name comes from it's origins in Vienna.) we went to Crazy Horse Memorial to watch the night time laser show. It was also very interesting, but a little strange. Both very almost angry about how native Americans have been treated, but also very patriotic (flag waving, God Bless the USA, etc.) I had a good laugh that the first sponsor of the laser show was US Smokeless Tobacco.

On our way home, we stopped at Evan's Plunge, which was fun, if a little bit pricey (okay, it was by far our most expensive stop of the trip!) The little girls had a great time, and both even went down the big water slide (with a parent, of course!) We probably spent close to 2 hours playing in the pools, and afterwards we were all tired and ready to get home. Our absolute last stop of the trip was at McDonalds. The exchange students, who think of McDonalds and America as going together have been here close to a month, and had not been in a McDonald's yet. They wanted to stop at one for lunch in Rapid City, but we never could find our way back to the one we saw. So, we made a special stop for dinner on the way home. Our exchange student was excited to find out that ketchup was free. I told her that Americans would not put up with being charged for ketchup at McDonalds!

Now we are happily back home, and trying to get in the swing of the new school year. I keep thinking that at some point I may spend a little more time at home doing housework, but between homeschooling and running around after our exchange student, I fear that I am going to be away from home most of the year!

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Small Successes


Well, it's been awhile since I participated in the weekly small successes at Faith and Family LIVE! So, here are my successes for the week:

1. We started school yesterday, even though we haven't had a day spent completely at home in more than two weeks (I am hopeful that Friday will remain free, except for picking up our exchange student after her softball games). We got through all of Charlotte's preschool for the day, Eva watched her Math U See DVD, we read one chapter out of King of the Golden City (I was hoping to do 4 or 5 chapters per day over the course of a five day week, but that is not going to be happening) She also did a page of phonics, a page of handwriting, and did some math games to reinforce her first lesson.

2. We started Catechism classes at church last night, and I survived. I'll be teaching a 3rd and 4th grade combination class, and being the meanest of the teachers, they have reading assignments for the year. I helped get most of the kids registered, wrote out lists for the teachers of their registered students, never got my copies made because the DRE (otherwise known as my MIL) didn't remember to unlock the parish center so that people could get in there for copies or classrooms. We had 15 minutes with our classes, and then we had birthday cake for Mary. It was exhausting, but a success.

3. I would love to put some cleaning task here as a success, but since I still have streamers and balloons hanging in the living room from Eva's birthday party 11 days ago, there has not been much in the way of cleaning going on around here...but I have been keeping up on the dishes (not that we've had many, since I haven't been home to cook much) and the laundry isn't too backed up (I think I only have two loads that I need to do today!) so I'll call that success number 3 this week.

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