Monday, March 31, 2008

What does this say about us as a couple?

I am well known for having really bizarre dreams...

But yesterday morning, hubby told me about his weird dream, and I told him about mine...I think his qualifies as weirder...but I guess weird is in the eye of the beholder. So, here are quick summaries of our dreams.

Mine: We were living in a big house with a bunch of other people...I know that a lot went on in my dream, but most of it I couldn't remember when I woke up. What I do remember is that hubby went to a concert without me, and came back to the house with two new tattoos, a piercing and a convertible that he had bought while he was away. I was absolutely fuming mad...told him so, made fun of his piercing, and stomped off, and two of the old ladies living in this big house with us asked me what was wrong, and I said "If anyone wants a convertible, I've got one for sale...otherwise it'll be in the PennySaver!" end of dream...

Hubby: Hubby and I were sitting at the kitchen table talking. He got up, went into our bathroom, picked up a String Bass, and placed in the bathtub and began to play a song that he says kinda sounded like a George Straight song, only worse...the lyrics were "When I think about my new romance, I can't help but sing. I just smile to myself and wonder what spring will bring". He finished playing, set down the String Bass, comes back out to the table and sits down. After he sits down, I say "Well, I guess that counts as a blog entry!"

Yeah, we are both nuts...

Menu Plan Monday

Well, another week has come and gone...and I have another menu to make! So here it goes:

Monday: Maybe hubby will let us go out, as he is due home any minute and I have no plan?
Taco Salad made with SHARE stuff (romaine hearts, tomatoes, avocados, chicken fajita meat)

Tuesday: BBQ beef (from SHARE...and organic, strangely enough) sandwiches, cauliflower with dressing
Ham Roast (last piece of last year's pig...okay, I guess I still may have a package of ham hocks...), Rice a Roni and Veggies

Wednesday: Spaghetti with meat sauce, baby carrots (from SHARE)
Turkey Mignon, Baked Potatoes and tossed salad (from SHARE)

Thursday: Bratwurst (last month's SHARE) potatoes, sauerkraut and tossed salad
Quiche made from leftover meat and veggies, maybe with apple slices

Friday: Waffles and Cantaloupe (from SHARE)
Frozen fish portions, home fries and veggies

Saturday: Fend For Yourself/Leftovers

Lots more menus over at OrgJunkie!

Divine Mercy Sunday Celebration

Well, we had an absolutely AMAZING time yesterday celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday. First off, we didn't have the girls (not that we don't love taking them to stuff, but with a 1 1/2 hour drive each way, a 5 hour celebration, and a little bit of shopping that we did, it got to be a long day!) I'm feeling a little scattered today, so I'm going to do a little stream of consciousness here:

It was bittersweet to see our old priest (we only had him for 1 year before he got moved, but he is such a hopeful, holy and encouraging man) Hubby thinks (and I think I agree) that even though he probably has no ambitions to move up in the hierarchy of the church, he probably will move up at some point.

We both participated in a Eucharistic procession for the first time ever. Kinda sad that hubby never has, as a lifelong Catholic...although, since I've been Catholic for 10 years now, it's kinda sad that I've never had the opportunity before.

So cool to see the 4th degree Knights in their regalia...Hubby FINALLY is talking about getting his 4th degree (I've been telling him to for several years now) because he saw how old and frail one of the Knights from his hometown is looking, and has realized that he would like to be able to be there as a 4th degree at his great Uncle's funeral (Charlotte's Godfather...not expecting it anytime soon, but he isn't really in that great of health, anyway) and also this older Knight's funeral as well.

We watched a really long video (okay, maybe 45 min to an hour...but on folding chairs in the school's gymnasium...not the most comfortable time ever...) on the Divine Mercy. The best thing that I took from it (other than a desire to read more of St. Faustina's Diary) was that to keep focus during the chaplet, I can focus on one of Christ's wounds per decade.

There was a first degree relic of St. Faustina at the celebration. Very cool. A young man got up and spoke about relics...the part most striking to me (not that I didn't already know this, but I always need reminders) was that we are all called to be great Saints...and if we do not aim for sainthood, than we are aiming for something LESS than God.

I loved the music we sang during Mass...we don't get to sing those songs at our parish. It is interesting how even in parishes with the same hymnals, there seem to be certain songs that are always sung, and other songs never sung...but the songs sung and not sung at each parish are very different.

I don't know if it was just the big old church we were in, or if hubby and I (and one preteen boy) were the only people singing...

Father's homily was very interesting. He talked about how Thomas' doubt was a slap in the face to Christ, and how God very easily could have struck down all the apostles...but that Christ showed his mercy by inviting Thomas into his wounds...I'm sure there was a lot more, but that really struck me.

After the Mass, there was a potluck, which is always fun...unfortunately for me, a bunch of the Knights recognized me (and hubby of course...but he at least had a better idea of who they all were...) and I had to try to keep conversations going even though I wasn't really sure where I knew these men from (I think they were all part of the Knights counsel in that town...and since I've come up with hubby to help with fundraisers, etc. I guess I kinda stick out in a crowd!) Of course, I'm very much used to having to try to figure out who people are who know me between hubby's huge family (he thinks that he asked one of his relatives for directions on how to find coffee filters at Wal Mart, but he says he wasn't sure) and living in his hometown for a couple of years. I'm out of practice since moving here two years one expects me to know them here!

It was great to go pick up the girls...we missed them (they stayed overnight, and we did a spring cleaning of their room and a trading out of clothing), but they seemed to have a lot of fun with grandma.

I got some cute fabric to make the girls dresses for our parish's photo directory which is coming up more battles with my sewing machine will be forthcoming...

Finally, we have an extra pug dog for the week, as my in laws are leaving for a vacation to Las Vegas today.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


I had a meeting with Father on Thursday...and as much as I love and respect him as a priest...he drives me nuts when I have to deal with him. He's just very tightly wound, and if something doesn't start with him, he reacts very poorly to it.

So, I didn't really think he'd have any problems with hubby and I teaching NFP classes at the church, as we talked to him about training to teach NFP right about the time he arrived (it was 2-3 weeks before national NFP week, and he wasn't willing to let us do any sort of talk or anything until he was more settled in the two parishes and had a better feeling of the communities...fine, that made sense then!) Particularly since our diocese REQUIRES NFP classes for marriage, I thought he'd just be happy that there would be someone teaching so that couples don't have to travel an hour or more to take classes. In the end, I think he was happy about it...but his first reaction also included that he 1) needed to take our request to use the facilities to the pastoral counsel, 2) that he needed a copy of our certification, 3) that we needed to make a copy of the class as it would be taught or get CCL to send him the whole class (eventually, he decided to contact CCL himself and ask for the materials...and by the end of our meeting, he was okay with borrowing our materials to review them) 4) he wanted to know if CCL was through the archdiocese, and wasn't satisfied with the fact that the organization is based in Ohio, but that about 95% of NFP classes taught in the diocese were CCL classes...

I actually just thought the NFP part of the discussion would be a "okay, sounds good" kinda discussion, and that I would have to persuade him more about getting some sort of DVD player (preferably a projector) for the church, and get him to allow me to fundraise. That part went as bizarrely as possible...

Finally, I discussed with him spiritual direction, as I have not felt comfortable with contacting people about spiritual direction without speaking to him first. He was fairly discouraging about the whole thing, and was very suspicious of my ideas. So, I started to think that at this point, I may not need spiritual direction...or perhaps I am never meant to have a spiritual director...

So, yesterday I started reading the Diary of St. Faustina (my Easter present) and over and over again, her needing a spiritual director and finding a spiritual director kept coming up...

I'm not sure exactly what that means for me, but perhaps I will understand in time?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter! Menu Plan Monday

Happy Easter everyone! Our media fast during the Triduum went so well that we are planning on fasting from the TV and computer every Friday, like the seminary in St Paul (I think it was St. Paul...) does.

Easter was very nice, but the girls got WAY too much stuff (as usual) and ate way too much candy. Hubby got the book Amazing Grace for Fathers and I got the Diary of St. Faustina, so we are both excited to start reading those when things calm down around here.

I did manage to get the laundry room and kitchen deep cleaned, largely thanks to hubby's sister staying with us for a few days. I moved the computer desk and refrigerator for the first time since we moved in (Jan 2006) about gross! Glad it's done, though.

So, on to the menu plan (if blogger will let me post it this time!)

Easter Monday: Leftovers (lamb, funeral potatoes, sweet potatoes and cookie salad)
Mini Quiches and sliced fruit

Easter Tuesday: Patty Melts (hamburgers from SHARE) with carrots, celery and jalapeno chips for hubby
Roast Chicken, Rice-a-roni and Roasted Asparagus

Easter Wednesday: Pancakes, Bacon, and sliced apples
Lasagna with meat sauce and Green Salad

Easter Thursday: Charleston Chicken Sandwiches, cauliflower, carrots and celery
Leftover Lasagna for hubby and the girls, my Bible study night!

Easter Friday: Tuna Sandwiches, Green Salad and Jalapeno chips for hubby
Salmon, Rice-a-roni and mixed veggies (I may go to a scrapbooking crop)

Saturday: Leftovers/Fend for Yourself

Divine Mercy Sunday: We are going up to the Divine Mercy celebration in a larger town, so I am very excited about that! The Knights of Columbus are even going to have the 4th degree Knights in full regalia for the procession...I think the girls will love that part!

More menus are up at OrgJunkie

Thursday, March 20, 2008

2 down, 4 to go!

Well, I have had the INTENTION of getting some spring cleaning done for a while now...but getting up the ambition and child-free time to do so is another thing entirely.

On Tuesday, Hubby had the afternoon off of work, so I talked him into rearranging the furniture in our bedroom. Since we have a medium sized bedroom that has the complication of a bunch of light switches and the attic entrance, and lots of really big furniture (king size bed, armoire, lingere chest, dresser), there are only three layouts for our furniture. The one we just moved back to is our favorite. We even have room for a rocking chair in the corner, which is a nice touch. The second, which we haven't had for a while is the layout which allows us to use our arms reach co-sleeper and put the changing table in our room. The third, and what we had until Tuesday was a layout that allowed a treadmill to fit in our room. Fortunately, a few months ago, we knocked out a countertop in our laundry room, moved our deep freeze, and moved our treadmill in there and out of our room. That plus a small cabinet mounting TV has made exercising a lot less painful.

While we were rearranging, we washed the walls, vacuumed the floor, dusted the ceiling fan, etc. cleaned and decluttered the furniture, washed the window, and finally hung up some pictures, shelves, icons, etc. on the walls.

I had started deep cleaning the bathroom towards the beginning of Lent. About a week ago, I finally got to washing the two done, and the girls woke up and tried to help. So, I had about 6 more walls (we have a weird shaped, very large bathroom) to wash. Finally, today the girls went down for a nap early while Hubby was still home from work (after they got up before 6 am!) So, while I got my treadmill time in (usually 6 am), he moved all the stuff out of the bathroom. He also washed the window for me. I washed the remaining walls (all the gross ones...behind the changing table, all around the toilet), washed the floor around the toilet and the outside of the toilet, and vaccummed the rest of the room. Hubby then moved everything back in for me! So, now we have a nice clean bathroom (oh, and once the dishwasher is done cleaning the potty chair and the puke bucket, those can be put in their proper places, too!) just in time for Easter!

Since we are turning off the computer and the TV before Mass tonight, I'm thinking I may be able to get two more rooms crossed off the list before Easter. It's a lost cause on the girl's room and the living/dining room, as I think I'm going to have to get grandma to take the girls for a day to accomplish those rooms...but I can baby gate off the kitchen and the laundry room. Lots of walls to wash, gotta move refrigerator, freezer, treadmill, computer desk and two bookcases to clean under and behind, and LOTS of tile to scrub, but I'm thinking I'm going to give it a shot!

I also am creating in my head a list of short term and long term projects to make our house feel more like our own. For instance, short term bed and bath projects, new curtains (I have material and some old curtains to work with for the bedroom, and found some nice clearance valances for the bathroom that I might order sometime soon) and finding more artwork that we enjoy for our bedroom walls. Long term projects include refinishing our furniture, and possibly repainting both rooms. I'm also thinking that if/when we have another baby, I may sell or give away our co-sleeper and just get a smaller bassinet style one instead...

So, I'll stop randomly typing, and wish you all a prayerful and holy Triduum, and a very blessed Easter!

Magazine for Catholic Kids

I just found out about St. Mary's Messenger, a magazine modeled after Highlights. They are currently trying to get the magazine going nationally in the fall of this year. I've been looking through their sample issue, and it looks like a good mix of faith and life. Check it out, and if you think it is something you might be interested in, fill out the interest form so they can show that there is a national demand for this kind of magazine!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Well, hubby and I just recently finished our training to be a CCL teaching couple (yeah!), and our teaching materials were supposed to arrive today.

I was balancing the checkbook, etc. and switched over to e-mail as I was waiting for something to load...and there was an e-mail for me from UPS with a delivery confirmation stating that our materials were delivered to our porch...

I went to the door, and lo and behold, they were there...

The e-mail said they were delivered at 2:01...I'm hoping that was Eastern time, because if it was any other time zone, I was here...

Monday, March 17, 2008

P & P Salad asked for it! I PROMISE that this salad isn't as gross as it sounds... (Okay, that makes it sound like it is gross, but it's really...tolerable!)

This recipe is out of the old version of hubby's family cookbook, and I tried it after I cooked up some frozen peas for supper and ended up having half a bag left over. Hubby and the girls just ate it up (I ate it, too...but I really have issues with what constitutes as a salad in hubby's family as I grew up eating only lettuce salads)

"Twice as many frozen peas as salted peanuts, then add mayonnaise!"

So, there you go...a salad recipe for if you are desperate, and hubby picked up green peas instead of green beans when you sent him to the store!

Menu Plan Monday

Why does it seem like I always have another week's worth of menus to plan???

Why is my kitchen never as clean as I would like it?

Why did we have to get 4 inches of snow last night?

and finally, Why is it that at least once a week blogger makes me check my cookies and JavaScript enabling in order to log in, when I don't change the settings, and I'm pretty sure hubby wouldn't bother them either?

So, here goes Holy Week menu planning (also known as working with what is in the freezer since we don't get paid until Friday!)

Monday: Lentil Rice Casserole (leftover from Friday)
Individual Quiches (from SHARE) and a green salad, or P&P Salad (if there is a lot left over from what I made for the Altar and Rosary Fundraising Salad Luncheon today)

Tuesday: Hamburgers (from SHARE), Home Fries, and Salad (Green or P&P)
Turkey Tenderloin (from SHARE), Rice, and Green Beans (no, I didn't get 3 Turkey Tenderloins from's the meal that's gotten bumped off the menu a couple of times already!)

Wednesday: Charleston Chicken Sandwiches and Green Salad
Smoked Ham Roast, Pasta-Roni and Broccoli

Thursday: Split Pea Soup (with leftover Ham Roast)
Leftovers from all the meat dishes this week

Friday: (Fast Day) Tuna Helper

Saturday: I'll figure that one out after payday and after my MIL FINALLY tells me what I'm supposed to bring for Easter Dinner!

There are plenty of other menus up at OrgJunkie.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Yesterday I was I'm not!

So, it has been a really long week (getting up at 6 to exercise has made nap time for the girls nap time for me, too!) and I haven't really gotten the ambition to write much.

Last week our parish's Knights of Columbus sponsored two showings of the movie "Bella". So, I was home with the girls two nights while hubby got to hang out at the theatre (he took me out on Friday to see "Juno", so that made up for it...hmmm...maybe it IS a little weird that both movies are about unplanned pregnancies...) Anyhow, in the hanging out at the theatre, he talked with the theatre manager and found out that they were still looking for a couple of projectionists. They told him how flexible and wonderful they were with scheduling, and that the projectionists could work as much or as little as they wanted.

My last job (before Charlotte) was as a projectionist at our old town's theatre, which I really enjoyed. At that point in time, both hubby and I worked for the theatre because we really did need the money to make ends meet. But, a little bit of a hobby job with a small amount of extra money coming in our house sounded appealing, so hubby brought me home an application and I filled it out and sent it back.

Fast forward to Wednesday: I get a call from one of the board members (the theatre just converted to a non-profit...that's why they needed projectionists) offering me the job. I chatted with her about it a little the details...still sounded very flexible (in other words, flexible for ME...not flexible for THEM like hubby's job!) She gave me the theatre manager's number to set up training and scheduling.

I gave the theatre manager a call on Thursday, and she asked me to come in that evening to start training on the projector for the run-through. So, I got there 10 minutes early (she was 10 minutes late) and we had to wait another 10 minutes while she found a projectionist (the two board members that run the projector weren't available, so she called the other paid one...who happens to be her son-in-law), they showed me the ropes...fairly similar to what I've worked with before...and the theatre manager told me to work out the schedule with the other paid projectionist.

He told me that he has been working every Friday and Saturday, and wouldn't like to lose too many days because the money he earns goes towards his hobby car. He also told me that he wouldn't work on any Sundays, because it is the Lord's day. All well and good, but the theatre shows a movie Friday night, Saturday night, and two on Sundays. So, they didn't bother to tell me that mostly they needed someone to work Sundays. Dilemma number two, the theatre manager told me that the only day she REALLY needed a projectionist this month was EASTER SUNDAY!!! I originally agreed to do that, and signed up for another weekend in April.

I felt very conflicted about the whole thing, from the nepotism (which I should be used to after 6 years of small town life) to the fact that no one was straight forward with me about what they were actually looking for, to the examination of conscience that Father passed out on Sunday that includes "Did I do work on Sunday that was not necessary?". So, I spent all morning while I was torturing myself...I mean, exercising, praying about the situation, and prayed about it during Mass this morning naturally, Father said something in his homily that convicted me to call up the theatre manager and the board and quit. So, here is Father's statement that just spoke to my heart today:

He was discussing how suffering is beneficial to us, and how we should unite our sufferings to the cross. He told a little story about a time when he was joking around with the archbishop about something and Father said to the Archbishop "Hey, I'm a martyr here" (or something of that nature) and Archbishop responded: "It is one thing to be a martyr for the faith, but it is another thing entirely to be a martyr for your own stupidity."

So, instead of causing myself suffering for no reason (missing our only full family day to work a job that is definitely not necessary), I should stand up for my faith.

So, my shortest time of employment, ever, has come to a close.

NFP can be funny!

Okay, this is one of those stories that I just don't have anyone in my real world life to tell, but it just cracks me up...of course, a lot of that is because you have to be an NFP user with a supportive husband to really get a good laugh out of this.

Yesterday, hubby woke up, got the thermometer, woke me up, had me take my temperature, and got out of bed before he realized that it was 2 am...He must have dreamt that he heard the alarm, got up and hit the snooze, and went about his morning routine (waking my lazy self up for long enough to take my temp). So, after he realized that and told me his mistake, we went back to sleep until 5:40...the actual time my temperature is supposed to be taken.

Needless to say, combine 2 am temperature takings with the fact that we've started a routine of one of us going to the local gym at 6 am while the other one exercises at home and the fact that both LOST (hubby's favorite) and Eli Stone (my favorite) were on last night, I'm feeling rather tired today!

Monday, March 10, 2008


If you haven't been over to Simcha's blog to read her latest...go now! I just can't get over this post...

Menu Plan Monday

Well, sadly my family is STILL sick...Hubby didn't make it to church yesterday because he had intestinal difficulties. So did Charlotte, but Eva came to church with me, then declared halfway through the homily that her tummy hurt...last time she said that, she threw, I immediately took her home (I had to cantor, but fortunately, I was done by the time she decided she was sick.) Then, I went back after church was over to teach hubby's obnoxious 4th graders...and I got to be thankful that I got this year off...I'm hoping next year's 4th graders aren't so obnoxious!

We joined (well, I rejoined, but hubby agreed to join, too) the local rec center, and I got up at 5:45 to exercise before hubby had to be at work (7) I'm trying to cook a little healthier than usual now...hopefully it will be a permanent change.

Monday: Apricot Stuffed French Toast and Fruit Salad
Turkey Chili with Raw Veggies

Tuesday: Chili Cheese Potatoes and Raw Veggies
Chicken Divan (making a freezer meal for the newest mom in my bible study) and Fruit Salad

Wednesday: Turkey and Cheese Sandwiches with either Fruit Salad or Apple Slices
Hamburgers and Coleslaw (Hubby and the kids...I have Bible Study)

Thursday: Charleston Chicken Sandwiches and Raw Veggies
Ham Steak, Au Gratin Potatoes and Broccoli (not so healthy, but we have to use up this dumb pig...)

Friday: Fish Sticks, Baked Home Fries, and Coleslaw (we have to use up the fish sticks, anyway)
Lentil Rice Casserole and whatever salad or veggies or fruit are still around

Saturday: FFYS/Leftover day

So, there it is for this week...go see some more menus at OrgJunkie!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Let God do the pruning...

Okay, I really am trying to spend more time thinking (and blogging about) spiritual matters, rather than physical matters (like the last few posts)...I just have been beating my head against the wall spiritually.

I feel like I had some kind of road block in about week 5 of the Full of Grace study...the good news is that I am starting the whole thing again with my young moms group here in town (of course, I'm finishing up the study while starting the study again, so we'll see how that goes for the next two weeks.)

But something that Father said last night at Mass really hit home to me...

He was talking about spiritual growth and healing, and said that we need to prune out those things in our lives that do not witness to our Catholic faith. But, what really hit me was when he said that we shouldn't try to prune ourselves. He pointed out that sometimes when we prune a shrub, we can easily damage it if we don't know what we are doing. He pointed out that if we let God prune away those things that are not compatable with our faith, it will be healing, and much less painful than if we try to do it ourselves.

I never really do justice to his homilies (the dangers of going to Mass with small children) but that one really hit I just need to work on giving up control to God (and ongoing struggle for me!)

Barforama, part duex...

Okay, Whimsy was telling me all about her woes with everyone in the family throwing up (except her...but at that point, does it really matter?) with only one of the kids actually making to the toilet...

So, she told me all about this AFTER Charlotte threw up on Wednesday night. We didn't think much of it...she worked herself up crying during bathtime and ended up throwing up a bunch of phlegm (and some chunks, but we figured it was most likely the phlegm causing the whole thing.)

So, last night, at some horrible hour of the morning (I never was with it enough to check the clock) Eva came into our room and told us that something was wrong with her arm and that she had "stomach diaherrhea"...both of us got up, and found out exactly what stomach diarrehea is...all over Eva's PJs, all her sheets...her pillow, blanket, and beloved "monkey george".

So, we cleaned her up, gave her a bucket, set her on the couch, changed her sheets, put her back to bed with said far, nothing more has happened, but I am definately on puke alert right about now.

Actually, this post is making me very glad I've never used labels or tags for my posts...

This sentence interrupted for an important message: Eva just came in the kitchen to inform me that Bubba (our dog) was "drinking my throwup". So, we have had another episode...luckily it was in the bucket...unluckily, I wasn't informed until after the dog started to get in it...

I'd throw the dumb dog outside for the day, but it is now snowing, and I hear that pugs don't survive weather that well...

Anyhow, glad I have no tags, or I'd have to have a category called "gross things my kids do"

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cooking for 4...

So, I grew up in a family of four. One older brother, my mom and my dad. You would think that I just MIGHT be able to cook for my family of four pretty easily!

Tonight, I managed to cook just enough food for the four of us (okay, Charlotte snubbed her chili...but ate cornbread, cheese and apple juice...that's balanced, right?)

See, my mom is an AWFUL cook...she thinks that she is a pretty good cook...she's just not. She is very good at making salads...and I think she might confuse that with cooking...

When we were first married and in college, at one point my mother started cooking a week's worth of meals on the weekends. Since she was doing this, she very lovingly doubled everything and brought it to us. We ate most of it...but there was this meatloaf (I think she must have made us a couple of them) that just sat in the freezer...and sat...and was just dry and tasteless and horrible (okay, the first one of them was...we were unwilling to try the second...and THAT is saying something, because hubby will eat ANYTHING!)

So, needless to say, I needed to learn how to cook after we got married. Fortunately my MIL is a very good cook (at least when she is not setting things on fire...) but she had 4 kids and a farmer husband to cook for...she cooks (STILL, and right now it is MIL, FIL and a very skinny German exchange student who doesn't eat very much) easily for 8 at virtually every meal. This is how I learned to cook!

When MIL gives us hamburger or other meat, it all comes in 2 lb-ish packages. She often uses 2 packages...I only use one, so I guess I cook generously for 5-6. Normally when I make chili, I put in 5 cans of beans (I really should switch to dry, but I'm just too lazy!). We almost always have leftovers of something.

So, tonight I used a 1 lb package of organic all beef chili from SHARE...but I didn't think that would be quite enough for us. So, trying to be conservative, I added one can of beans, 2 T of leftover tomato paste and about 1/2 c of water. I also made an 8 x 8 dish of cornbread. After I filled the girl's bowls with small portions, and our bowls with larger, but not excessive portions...there was nothing left in the pot! I was shocked!!!

Now, if only there had been some cornbread leftovers...but for some reason, there never are!

I told hubby that I really should learn how to cook for 4, but I guess I kinda do like having leftovers around so I can tell everyone to fend for themselves!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Menu Plan Monday -even more share stuff

Okay, so I haven't yet exhausted the excessive amounts of frozen foods I received from SHARE last month, and since both girls are now recovering from pink eye, and I'm not exactly feeling at the top of my game either, it's gonna be another week of convenience foods.

On a totally unrelated note: Why is it that it was pushing 80 degrees on Saturday, and snowed several inches yesterday??? I am so ready for spring!

Monday: Chicken tenders (from SHARE) and coleslaw
Honey Soy Pork Steak (still last year's pig) with brown rice

Tuesday: Buckwheat pancakes or waffles and veggie sausages
Organic Beef Chili (from SHARE) I probably will add beans to stretch it with cornbread

Wednesday: Turkey (from SHARE) and cheese sandwiches and coleslaw
Lemon Chicken Scallopini with noodles (never got made last week...or I think the week before that...)

Thursday: Hamburgers (from SHARE) and ???
Turkey Tenderloin (from SHARE) with brown rice

Friday: Tuna Sandwiches with ???
Cheese with Broccoli Quiches (from SHARE)

Saturday: Whatever didn't get made because we went to visit my MIL (we were SUPPOSED to go visit on Sunday...but Charlotte got sick and it snowed, so we'll see when we get up there) or leftovers/fend for yourself.

So, there it is...another week of excessive amounts of food from SHARE. Check out more menus over at Org Junkie!