Monday, March 17, 2008

P & P Salad asked for it! I PROMISE that this salad isn't as gross as it sounds... (Okay, that makes it sound like it is gross, but it's really...tolerable!)

This recipe is out of the old version of hubby's family cookbook, and I tried it after I cooked up some frozen peas for supper and ended up having half a bag left over. Hubby and the girls just ate it up (I ate it, too...but I really have issues with what constitutes as a salad in hubby's family as I grew up eating only lettuce salads)

"Twice as many frozen peas as salted peanuts, then add mayonnaise!"

So, there you go...a salad recipe for if you are desperate, and hubby picked up green peas instead of green beans when you sent him to the store!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for stopping by wiith your lentil recipe... this recipe sounds like something out of the White Trash Cookbook... hope that doesn't offend anyone. It's a real cookbook my mom used to have and usegrowing up.

Christine said...

I'll have to try this sometime.
While John isn't around - he would agree with you and not call it a salad, but I think both kids would eat it up.

Thanks for sharing.

Canadian Saver said...

Oh definitely different!!