Monday, March 31, 2008

Divine Mercy Sunday Celebration

Well, we had an absolutely AMAZING time yesterday celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday. First off, we didn't have the girls (not that we don't love taking them to stuff, but with a 1 1/2 hour drive each way, a 5 hour celebration, and a little bit of shopping that we did, it got to be a long day!) I'm feeling a little scattered today, so I'm going to do a little stream of consciousness here:

It was bittersweet to see our old priest (we only had him for 1 year before he got moved, but he is such a hopeful, holy and encouraging man) Hubby thinks (and I think I agree) that even though he probably has no ambitions to move up in the hierarchy of the church, he probably will move up at some point.

We both participated in a Eucharistic procession for the first time ever. Kinda sad that hubby never has, as a lifelong Catholic...although, since I've been Catholic for 10 years now, it's kinda sad that I've never had the opportunity before.

So cool to see the 4th degree Knights in their regalia...Hubby FINALLY is talking about getting his 4th degree (I've been telling him to for several years now) because he saw how old and frail one of the Knights from his hometown is looking, and has realized that he would like to be able to be there as a 4th degree at his great Uncle's funeral (Charlotte's Godfather...not expecting it anytime soon, but he isn't really in that great of health, anyway) and also this older Knight's funeral as well.

We watched a really long video (okay, maybe 45 min to an hour...but on folding chairs in the school's gymnasium...not the most comfortable time ever...) on the Divine Mercy. The best thing that I took from it (other than a desire to read more of St. Faustina's Diary) was that to keep focus during the chaplet, I can focus on one of Christ's wounds per decade.

There was a first degree relic of St. Faustina at the celebration. Very cool. A young man got up and spoke about relics...the part most striking to me (not that I didn't already know this, but I always need reminders) was that we are all called to be great Saints...and if we do not aim for sainthood, than we are aiming for something LESS than God.

I loved the music we sang during Mass...we don't get to sing those songs at our parish. It is interesting how even in parishes with the same hymnals, there seem to be certain songs that are always sung, and other songs never sung...but the songs sung and not sung at each parish are very different.

I don't know if it was just the big old church we were in, or if hubby and I (and one preteen boy) were the only people singing...

Father's homily was very interesting. He talked about how Thomas' doubt was a slap in the face to Christ, and how God very easily could have struck down all the apostles...but that Christ showed his mercy by inviting Thomas into his wounds...I'm sure there was a lot more, but that really struck me.

After the Mass, there was a potluck, which is always fun...unfortunately for me, a bunch of the Knights recognized me (and hubby of course...but he at least had a better idea of who they all were...) and I had to try to keep conversations going even though I wasn't really sure where I knew these men from (I think they were all part of the Knights counsel in that town...and since I've come up with hubby to help with fundraisers, etc. I guess I kinda stick out in a crowd!) Of course, I'm very much used to having to try to figure out who people are who know me between hubby's huge family (he thinks that he asked one of his relatives for directions on how to find coffee filters at Wal Mart, but he says he wasn't sure) and living in his hometown for a couple of years. I'm out of practice since moving here two years one expects me to know them here!

It was great to go pick up the girls...we missed them (they stayed overnight, and we did a spring cleaning of their room and a trading out of clothing), but they seemed to have a lot of fun with grandma.

I got some cute fabric to make the girls dresses for our parish's photo directory which is coming up more battles with my sewing machine will be forthcoming...

Finally, we have an extra pug dog for the week, as my in laws are leaving for a vacation to Las Vegas today.

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