Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter! Menu Plan Monday

Happy Easter everyone! Our media fast during the Triduum went so well that we are planning on fasting from the TV and computer every Friday, like the seminary in St Paul (I think it was St. Paul...) does.

Easter was very nice, but the girls got WAY too much stuff (as usual) and ate way too much candy. Hubby got the book Amazing Grace for Fathers and I got the Diary of St. Faustina, so we are both excited to start reading those when things calm down around here.

I did manage to get the laundry room and kitchen deep cleaned, largely thanks to hubby's sister staying with us for a few days. I moved the computer desk and refrigerator for the first time since we moved in (Jan 2006) about gross! Glad it's done, though.

So, on to the menu plan (if blogger will let me post it this time!)

Easter Monday: Leftovers (lamb, funeral potatoes, sweet potatoes and cookie salad)
Mini Quiches and sliced fruit

Easter Tuesday: Patty Melts (hamburgers from SHARE) with carrots, celery and jalapeno chips for hubby
Roast Chicken, Rice-a-roni and Roasted Asparagus

Easter Wednesday: Pancakes, Bacon, and sliced apples
Lasagna with meat sauce and Green Salad

Easter Thursday: Charleston Chicken Sandwiches, cauliflower, carrots and celery
Leftover Lasagna for hubby and the girls, my Bible study night!

Easter Friday: Tuna Sandwiches, Green Salad and Jalapeno chips for hubby
Salmon, Rice-a-roni and mixed veggies (I may go to a scrapbooking crop)

Saturday: Leftovers/Fend for Yourself

Divine Mercy Sunday: We are going up to the Divine Mercy celebration in a larger town, so I am very excited about that! The Knights of Columbus are even going to have the 4th degree Knights in full regalia for the procession...I think the girls will love that part!

More menus are up at OrgJunkie


Canadian Saver said...

Oh I had never heard of cookie salad!! I looked it up on YUM!!! Will have to try that :-)

Your menu looks great!

PlanningQueen said...

Charleston Chicken Sandwiches sound interesting - what goes in them?

majellamom said...

Charleston Chicken Sandwiches - I'd have to go run and get the recipe for the exact ingredients, but the base of it is Chicken (I sometimes used canned chicken, but we should have leftover roast chicken from tonight's menu) mixed with mayo (or miracle whip...not sure which it calls for offhand) and apricot preserves. I love the combination, becuase I've always used fruit in my chicken salad, and buying and cutting up fruit often keeps me from bothering with making chicken salad at all...but throwing in a few tablespoons of fruit preserves...WAY easier!

Christine said...

Your menus always look so tasty and so practical. And thanks for the recipe for the sandwiches - they sound so good.