Thursday, March 20, 2008

2 down, 4 to go!

Well, I have had the INTENTION of getting some spring cleaning done for a while now...but getting up the ambition and child-free time to do so is another thing entirely.

On Tuesday, Hubby had the afternoon off of work, so I talked him into rearranging the furniture in our bedroom. Since we have a medium sized bedroom that has the complication of a bunch of light switches and the attic entrance, and lots of really big furniture (king size bed, armoire, lingere chest, dresser), there are only three layouts for our furniture. The one we just moved back to is our favorite. We even have room for a rocking chair in the corner, which is a nice touch. The second, which we haven't had for a while is the layout which allows us to use our arms reach co-sleeper and put the changing table in our room. The third, and what we had until Tuesday was a layout that allowed a treadmill to fit in our room. Fortunately, a few months ago, we knocked out a countertop in our laundry room, moved our deep freeze, and moved our treadmill in there and out of our room. That plus a small cabinet mounting TV has made exercising a lot less painful.

While we were rearranging, we washed the walls, vacuumed the floor, dusted the ceiling fan, etc. cleaned and decluttered the furniture, washed the window, and finally hung up some pictures, shelves, icons, etc. on the walls.

I had started deep cleaning the bathroom towards the beginning of Lent. About a week ago, I finally got to washing the two done, and the girls woke up and tried to help. So, I had about 6 more walls (we have a weird shaped, very large bathroom) to wash. Finally, today the girls went down for a nap early while Hubby was still home from work (after they got up before 6 am!) So, while I got my treadmill time in (usually 6 am), he moved all the stuff out of the bathroom. He also washed the window for me. I washed the remaining walls (all the gross ones...behind the changing table, all around the toilet), washed the floor around the toilet and the outside of the toilet, and vaccummed the rest of the room. Hubby then moved everything back in for me! So, now we have a nice clean bathroom (oh, and once the dishwasher is done cleaning the potty chair and the puke bucket, those can be put in their proper places, too!) just in time for Easter!

Since we are turning off the computer and the TV before Mass tonight, I'm thinking I may be able to get two more rooms crossed off the list before Easter. It's a lost cause on the girl's room and the living/dining room, as I think I'm going to have to get grandma to take the girls for a day to accomplish those rooms...but I can baby gate off the kitchen and the laundry room. Lots of walls to wash, gotta move refrigerator, freezer, treadmill, computer desk and two bookcases to clean under and behind, and LOTS of tile to scrub, but I'm thinking I'm going to give it a shot!

I also am creating in my head a list of short term and long term projects to make our house feel more like our own. For instance, short term bed and bath projects, new curtains (I have material and some old curtains to work with for the bedroom, and found some nice clearance valances for the bathroom that I might order sometime soon) and finding more artwork that we enjoy for our bedroom walls. Long term projects include refinishing our furniture, and possibly repainting both rooms. I'm also thinking that if/when we have another baby, I may sell or give away our co-sleeper and just get a smaller bassinet style one instead...

So, I'll stop randomly typing, and wish you all a prayerful and holy Triduum, and a very blessed Easter!

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