Friday, March 07, 2008

Let God do the pruning...

Okay, I really am trying to spend more time thinking (and blogging about) spiritual matters, rather than physical matters (like the last few posts)...I just have been beating my head against the wall spiritually.

I feel like I had some kind of road block in about week 5 of the Full of Grace study...the good news is that I am starting the whole thing again with my young moms group here in town (of course, I'm finishing up the study while starting the study again, so we'll see how that goes for the next two weeks.)

But something that Father said last night at Mass really hit home to me...

He was talking about spiritual growth and healing, and said that we need to prune out those things in our lives that do not witness to our Catholic faith. But, what really hit me was when he said that we shouldn't try to prune ourselves. He pointed out that sometimes when we prune a shrub, we can easily damage it if we don't know what we are doing. He pointed out that if we let God prune away those things that are not compatable with our faith, it will be healing, and much less painful than if we try to do it ourselves.

I never really do justice to his homilies (the dangers of going to Mass with small children) but that one really hit I just need to work on giving up control to God (and ongoing struggle for me!)

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Christine said...

What a great meditation!

Sometimes I tend to cringe when thinking about allowing God to prune away things in me, even though I know Him to be the most gentle pruner, more than even I could be.

I'll say a little prayer that we're both more open to allowing God deeper in to do the pruning we need most.