Monday, March 31, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Well, another week has come and gone...and I have another menu to make! So here it goes:

Monday: Maybe hubby will let us go out, as he is due home any minute and I have no plan?
Taco Salad made with SHARE stuff (romaine hearts, tomatoes, avocados, chicken fajita meat)

Tuesday: BBQ beef (from SHARE...and organic, strangely enough) sandwiches, cauliflower with dressing
Ham Roast (last piece of last year's pig...okay, I guess I still may have a package of ham hocks...), Rice a Roni and Veggies

Wednesday: Spaghetti with meat sauce, baby carrots (from SHARE)
Turkey Mignon, Baked Potatoes and tossed salad (from SHARE)

Thursday: Bratwurst (last month's SHARE) potatoes, sauerkraut and tossed salad
Quiche made from leftover meat and veggies, maybe with apple slices

Friday: Waffles and Cantaloupe (from SHARE)
Frozen fish portions, home fries and veggies

Saturday: Fend For Yourself/Leftovers

Lots more menus over at OrgJunkie!

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