Saturday, August 16, 2008

But it's a muuuu-sical!!!

Okay, with Eva is VERY MUCH like living in a musical...

It's probably mostly my fault, as I've been encouraging such behavior all her life (BTW, since I know most sane people haven't watched as much VeggieTales as I have, the title is from "Lyle the Kindly Viking" where Larry the Cucumber...whatever his character's Viking name is...keeps singing lines that don't need to be.)

But, I am taking a break from the musical that is our lives for a canning update (although I really should be composing a canning anthem at this point...I mean, we even have a song for our last Vet...)

So far, I am pretty much out of pint jars, because I've realized that unless it is a tomato product (salsa, spaghetti sauce, canned tomatoes) I won't go through a quart jar at a time. I have PLENTY of jelly jars, so that's probably next on my list (besides raiding my MILs house for pint canning jars or heading to ACE for another case) Here's what I have done:

8 pints dill pickle spears
4 pints dill pickle chips
9 pints sweet pickle relish
4 pints dilly beans
5 pints green beans
6 pints peaches in light syrup

What I have failed at:
growing enough tomatoes to do anything with (beyond a few salads and BLTs)
keeping up with the amount of cucumbers and beans coming out of the garden
making sweet gherkins...I have learned that I should stick with fresh pack pickle recipes, as I don't think that I have the patience or stomach for brined pickles (I have a lot of paranoia about food borne illnesses thanks to my biology teacher of a mother!)

What I need to deal with in the next 24-72 hours:
25 lbs of peaches (minus about 24 maybe 15-20 lbs left???)
36 lbs of pears (I should not be allowed to go to anniversary sales...I'll leave it at that)
A heaping colander of green beans (cleaned and snapped this afternoon by hubby)
A gallon bucket of even MORE cucumbers (maybe hamburger dills or bread and butter pickles...or we could go for a drive in the country and throw them at mailboxes...)

I'll be back tomorrow with a post (FINALLY) on my favorite talk from the conference...that is, if I can dig my way out from underneath this produce!

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Whimsy said...

So, when you say "from THY bounty" you really mean it!

God is good!