Sunday, August 24, 2008

Go Chaput, Go Chaput, Go!

I realize that lots of people watch stuff like "The Hills" to avoid thinking about politics and religion and the stuff like that, but right now I'm trying really hard to think about politics in order to stop obsessing about foundation repair (waiting all weekend for insurance and construction people to come back to work is making me CRAZY!).

Anyway, I just wanted to point out how proud of the leadership in our archdiocese I am. Archbishop Charles Chaput now seems to officially the go-to-guy for quotes on Catholic politicians, at least visavi the issue of pro-choice candidates receiving communion. Here's what he told the AP:

Chaput, one of the nation's most outspoken bishops on Catholic political responsibility, said Catholics who disagree with the church on "serious, sanctity of life issues" separate themselves from communion with the church and should not present themselves for the Eucharist.

Biden "has admirable qualities to his public service," Chaput said in his statement. "But his record of support for so-called abortion 'rights,' while mixed at times, is seriously wrong. I certainly presume his good will and integrity — and I presume that his integrity will lead him to refrain from presenting himself for Communion, if he supports a false 'right' to abortion."

Chaput added that he looks forward to speaking with Biden privately.

So, among the things to be thankful for today is: an archbishop with cojones. ;-)

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