Monday, August 18, 2008

The freezer is full...

Well, it is now official...our freezer is full (it really doesn't take that long to fill it, as it is only the size of a dishwasher)

Today I canned 5 pints of bread and butter pickles (I'm ignoring the leftover cucmbers that didn't make it into that batch and hoping they go away...) and we froze 13 bags of corn.

Both girls "helped" us shuck the corn, with Eva being slightly more helpful (she probably did 5 or 6 herself) and Charlotte being slightly less helpful (she got one ear out of the husk and spent the rest of the time eating it and trying to take bites out of more...)

Then I spent a LONG time blanching all the corn, hubby cut it off the cobs, and I bagged it up. Since I ran out of ice midway through the blanching project, hubby had to run to the liquor store for more (they have the best ice prices in town...of course, they only sell 20 lb bags...), so I do have some leftover ice in the freezer that we'll use up for Eva's birthday party on the 31st.

We do need to make a little room in our refrigerator's freezer before Saturday, as it is SHARE day, and we ordered a grill package and a produce package. (Incidentally, I ordered these two items, then three days later got an e-mail coupon code if I would purchase those two particular items...I just have the worst luck with sales!)

The really good news is that I now can officially procrastinate canning all the fruit in my fridge, since I will be going up to Denver to do some canning on Wednesday. Yeah!!! And I should be able to come home with some canned tomato products, which are my favorite to can (and to eat!)

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