Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It's often said that the truth hurts. Well, when I told this little story at work yesterday, I knew I was about to get a little pinch:

Two days ago, after work, I took the girls to the best of the local parks to give them a little fresh air and to give MM a chance to breathe, if you know what I mean. Anyway, there was a birthday party going on, complete with inflatable castle (which the parents graciously invited my kids and the daughter of another couple who happened to be at the park at the same time to play on) and everything. I'm not absolutely sure, but I think most of these kids were about 6 or 7; in other words, at least a couple of years older than Eva. However, she got right in there when it came to playing in the sandbox and running around with the other kids. Not only that, but she apparently was trying to take charge. The last thing I heard before I intervened a little bit was her raising her voice to say, "You do it how I tell you! I know everything, and you're wrong!"

Ohhhh. I know where she gets that, and I don't just mean my Aunt Joyce (aka, "The Colonel"). And so do the people I work with... so I braced myself a little bit when I told my fellow clerks (who are both women) the story. Sure enough, they both got wicked glints in their eyes and said, laughingly, "Hmm, where have we heard something like that before?" "Well, how about a while back when you said, 'You do whatever you want, but I'm pretty sure I'm right!'"

By the way, yes, I did actually say that. And no, I didn't turn out to be right in that instance.



Whimsy said...
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Whimsy said...

Sorry about the deletion.

I think we are all prone to daughter's outburst!

That would be a good story for when she starts bringing home boyfriends.