Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Why Isn't Cold? Heat Is The Agony!!!

Okay, so we are back from Wichita...and the title should alert you to a dorky thing that hubby and I do when traveling.

Whenever we go on long car trips (and where we live, there really aren't any other kind!) We turn town names into acronyms.

There's a little town in Colorado that we thought had the lamest city motto ever. The town is Ault (I apologize if anyone from Ault is reading this...the town is cute...but come on...lame motto) Anyway, Ault is A Unique Little Town.

So, as an example of one Colorado town we've done this to, Simla - Some Idiot's Melting Ladles Again

We even managed Colorado Springs once...but I've forgotten that one. I'd tell you what we call our town, but 1) that'd tell you where we live, and 2) it is not blog appropriate (and is pretty creepy, too)

So, I give you the Kansas version of our acronym game:

Wichita - Why isn't cold? Heat is the agony! (It was 105 and humid our whole trip)

Salina - Sally applies lipstick in New Amsterdam

Goodland - Good ones only drink lagers and nice drafts

And, we realized a little Nebraska town has an even lamer town motto than Ault. Wauneta, NE has the motto "we're halfway between here and there"...maybe we would have found it funny rather than lame if we hadn't been in the car for so VERY VERY VERY long!

I'll be back to write about the conference sometime this week...gotta go break up a fight between the girls!

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