Tuesday, August 26, 2008

VP blogs to check out

I'm becoming a nuisance to myself and all those around me with my current presidential race obsession, but here are a couple of blogs having to do with the so-called "veepstakes."

First, the Dems: I've really been enjoying reading "Catholics Against Joe Biden." I'll admit the name makes me a little antsy; I'm sure he has some lovely traits, and I feel for some of the personal tragedy he's experienced...but I just can't stand the thought of someone so blatantly spitting in the Church's collective face with regard to abortion.

On the other side of the aisle, the idea of Alaska governor Sarah Palin for Vice President seems like it could be a real wild-card in this election, especially given the relatively broad dissatisfaction among women with the way the Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton relationship has played out. I'm especially impressed that she is a member of Feminists for Life.

Anyway, take my opinion for what it's worth... but, again, the thought of a pro-choice Catholic Vice President is getting me all riled up.

PS: Finally got someone to look at the house's little foundation "issue" today and it looks like it's a lot less serious (and costly) than I was afraid it would be... what a relief!

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Theme song for the Sarah Palin VP intro at RNC next week: