Friday, July 04, 2008

My little religious fanatic!

Okay, so hubby and I are now understanding the whole "child-like faith" thing, thanks to little miss talks-a-lot (otherwise known as Eva). Here are two recent examples:

I had a little party for my direct sales thingy at my house. One of my friends brought her two kiddos, who played outside with mine. Hubby supervised them, so got to hear the whole conversation. My friend's daughter K is a year younger than Eva, and they were drawing with chalk. K was drawing squiggles and circles...and Eva drew the above picture...She very clearly told her friend that it is a picture of Jesus on the cross! Very cute...I may have to send it in to Faith and Family magazine...I don't know if they take sidewalk chalk drawings for their art page...but I think that it is great for an almost 4 year old!
Second one happened yesterday. We had a rough morning...Charlotte wouldn't let me get her out of her crib, and both girls with cranky in general, and particularly with each other. Somehow Eva fell off a chair and bonked her head (not major, but we did have some waterworks because of it) so she was sitting with me for a while. I almost always wear a 4-way medal and a medal of St. Gerard Majella. Hubby wears a crucifix and a medal of St. Gerard Majella as well. We did a novena to St. Gerard before we had Eva, so he's kind of a family patron of sorts. I've worn mine since my pregnancy with Eva, and hubby got his from his (Lutheran and Methodist) coworkers when Eva was born. So, she first determined that the dove in the center of my 4-way medal was an angel (I thought that was a pretty good guess!) and then identified "St. Gerard 'Jella"...she then pointed out that he is holding a cross (something she notices a lot) and asked me why. I said "I think he has a cross because he loves Jesus very much!" and she asked me why he loves Jesus so much, I asked "well, why do you love Jesus so much?" and without missing a beat she said "Because Jesus is my best friend and he loves me so much!"...I told her that I was pretty sure that St. Gerard felt the same way as she does.

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