Monday, July 14, 2008

My cool dudes...

Well, Charlotte is a child of a few words. Mostly they are really important ones like "cookie" "ice cream" and "poop"...and of course "Charlotte's" which sounds like "Shar-es"...

So, Eva just decided that they wanted to play outside (my presence was also requested, but I denied since it is still before 8 am and I'm still in my PJs) and Charlotte was all for it. They got their crocs on, I checked to make sure the locks were in both gates, and Eva opened the door. Charlotte took one look outside and ran to the kitchen saying (and I really wish I were making this up) "SHADES" clear as day, until I got down her sunglasses and put them on her...then she happily went outside.

Of course, that meant that Eva saw her sunglasses, and came inside to make me find HER sunglasses because "It's hot outside so I need my sunglasses."

And we won't even get into the girl's fashionable outfits that they put together this morning!

Speaking of outfits...Eva is outgrowing all of her size 5 shirts, and a lot of her pants are getting snug around the waist (not too short, of course...she was cursed with being short and stout!), so I got out my bin of "next size up" clothes, and found several size six shirts, dresses and pants. Funnily enough, somewhere along the way I picked up size 6 "skinny" jeans and size 6x (which I can only assume is similar to "husky" for boys, or whatever the terminology used to be for girls)...I put the skinny version in our giveaway bag, and kept the plus sized is becoming infinitely clear that the word "skinny" is not going to go on the clothing of that child...maybe the other one...but with the way she eats, I'm kinda doubting that too!

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