Sunday, July 20, 2008

Noxious weeds...

Well, this week is National NFP week in the U.S. So, hubby and I got to speak at three Masses this weekend at two parishes (all the Masses except the Spanish Mass) about natural family planning.

Writing our talk was interesting, and I may post the two versions of it. Hubby wrote one first, then I started almost from scratch with my version. Hubby wrote an intellectual treatise, and my version was more practical and to the point.

So, because we spoke at three Masses, we got to hear Father's homily three times! He started with the parable about the weeds and the wheat, and mentioned that he had been weeding his roses at the rectory but left something that looked like a small rose plant. Just a few days later, he went back and the plant had grown a lot and was attacking his roses, and very clearly a weed. He went on to talk about how some weeds are very attractive, and look like good plants.

Some poor Jehovah's Witnesses stopped by the house where the parish office is located while Father was there...and he answered the door in is their eyes got really big, but they still tried to tell Father all about their beliefs. Father hit them with a bunch of scripture verses, and eventually tried to give them information about the Church, which they refused because they believe that they already know about the Church.

He pointed out that they are like an attractive weed. They come dressed nicely, with a Bible (their own special translation) and pamphlets that are very attractive to the eye. He stressed that we need to know our Bibles and know our faith, so that we can answer people who challenge our faiths. He really recommended "The Essential Catholic Survival Guide" which is published by Catholic Answers. So I really need to add that to my very long Paperback Swap wish list!

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