Sunday, July 27, 2008

Prayer request

Please pray for Gene, an old, old family friend who just had a stroke and will be undergoing surgery soon. He was at one point a near-Olympics-level wrestler but, more enduringly, he's the person for my folks' parish that a lot of small parishes seem to have: the one who is always around, making sure the altar light is lit and everything is just right. He trained me as an altar boy a zillion years ago, and seeing how frail he looked in his Fourth Degree (Knights of Columbus) regalia during a pretty recent Eucharistic procession was one of the things that ended my fence-sitting and got me to go through the Fourth Degree ceremony.

Lord Jesus the "Divine Physician," hear our prayer.


Whimsy said...

Ora Pro Nobis!

I am sure it was the prayers of Gene and his wife that helped bring me back to the church.

I need to send a card!!

forgetfulone said...

I will pray for Gene.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway.