Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wichita, here we come!

Well, I've come to my senses a little bit...I've entered who knows how many different giveaways...but I am now into the 900s (after a while, I had to skip anything without a description, and only entered if it was clear that I was interested!) AND I've even been getting some cleaning and packing done.

Of course, I dumped my bucketload of cucumbers and a small batch of green beans on my MIL for "payment" for watching our dog (okay, a bucketload of cucumbers might be more of a punishment, but at least they are no longer my problem!)

So, I've got a few dishes to wash by hand; a load of diapers to wash, dry, stuff and put away tonight; three beds to make (all sheets are currently in washer and dryer); toys and entertainment to pack; counters to clean in the kitchen; and floors to vaccumm and mop (and of course, a general pickup of toys!)

Hubby has a bunch of trash to take out; a trunk to pack with all of the stuff we are taking; and the lawn to mow (I don't really care, but HE REALLY does!)

So, I feel like we are doing pretty well for the day before a vacation!

Our plans for the trip include:

Getting Eva's hair cut (she started to give herself a haircut last night at Grandma's)
Getting Eva's eyes checked (possibly...need to find out if LensCrafters or something like that can check eyes of pre-readers...she puts her face on the page to write...)
Shopping for exciting items like laundry detergent, fabric softener, dishwashing detergent, air freshener, canning jars, detangling spray, etc.
Going to the conference and having a good time (and hopefully not spending TOO much money at the vendors)
and at least one fun thing (museum, movie, swimming pool, zoo...we don't know yet!)

Then we will come home and collapse for about a week before even contemplating anything but necessities!

So, I'll be back to post my winner for the Bloggy Giveaways sometime on Tuesday...and I'll be sure to take some good notes at the conference!


Whimsy said...

Oh, yeah. Testing Prereaders is no problem. They use pictures.

Given Eva's genes, no doubt she's blind as a bat! :-)

Anonymous said...

I hope y'all had a blast!

Thanks for stopping by my giveaway! Come visit anytime!