Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quirks: 6, Tags: 0

Actually, my quirks are many and various, but I'll only cover six here. And I would tag somebody, but I seriously can't think of anyone to pass this on to. I am the proverbial chain-letter killer - not out of disdain for the format, just because I'm not particularly popular.

Anyway, here we go:

Quirk 1: I have an evil gift for getting songs stuck in people's heads. I'm constantly being persecuted for it at work and at home. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

Quirk 2: I never get tired of a joke. Especially puns. An example: I can't help but respond every time somebody at work says "R.R." (like, Q: "What road is that on?" A: "RR.") with "Oh, is it 'Talk Like a Pirate Day?' All right!"

Quirk 3: I snuffle and, I admit it, snort a lot. I seem to be allergic to all of God's wonderful creation, and my dad's entire family seems to have reeeeally bad sinuses. One day I told a co-worker that I should be a ninja. She scoffed, "Hah, you couldn't go five minutes without snorting!"

Quirk 4: I drag my left foot just a tiny bit more than my right foot. I think it's 'cause I hurt my left knee somewhat during high school football. It's not really that noticeable, but over the life of a pair of shoes, you can really see the difference in tread wear.

Quirk 5: Related to Quirk 3, I tend to mouth-breathe fairly often. This also runs in the family; in fact, Whimsy's mom once offended a group of "blood" family (as opposed to the "married-into's") by joking around about how we all stand around with our mouths hanging open.

And finally, Quirk 6: I go to all kinds of trouble to keep things secret from MM (majellamom) because I'm convinced she, deep down, really loves surprises - no matter how much she denies it - but I always end up telling her about it before I mean to under the slightest amount of pressure. Today's our 9th "secular" anniversary (we ran off and got hitched, then validated it in the Church later on), but she's known for weeks now what I got her. What's worse, I paid 4 bucks for a Visa gift card to order it under her radar, only to wind up spilling the beans anyway. So, not only was she not surprised (which is actually how she says she likes it), but she was also irritated by the waste of money on the gift card.

Tag, anyone who reads this is it!

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