Thursday, July 17, 2008

Welcoming il postino!

Okay, against my better judgement, I have set up an account for hubby to post on this blog (of course, I DID invite him to join the blog when I was first setting it up and he said something along the lines of "blogging is dumb" or "I'm too important for that" or something of that nature!)

So, rather than having him IMPERSONATE me all around the internet (occasionally accidentally, other times purposefully...I'm sure he'd argue that whole "the two of us became one flesh in the sacrament of matrimony" line) he is now officially a contributer to this blog.

Now comes my disclaimer: Not all opinions that are expressed by my husband on this blog are ones I agree with. Most likely, they will be half baked thoughts that he was yaking at me while I rolled my eyes and ignored them. He knows that if things are posted on my blog, I will eventually read them, thus he will get his weird points across!

So, welcome to my dear, sweet hubby, il postino.


Christine said...

Wow! Your blog is expanding - what will you do when the girls want to start blogging? ;) I can't wait to read both of y'all's thoughts and know who is who. Hope you are doing well.

Anonymous said...

YEA!! You posted so much this week and made my day. I love keeping up with your family. By the way, I am a very superior 1930s housewife, but only because of the 6 minor children. Thank goodness their well-being seems to conteract my crooked stockings.