Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I'd say totally worth watching on TV...but it seems to be used as a filler on TBN (it is also aired Tuesday nights 9e/10p on HISTORY International channel, which we do not get). Netflix also has them available.

Basically, this really dorky history buff named Dave Stotts (he's very least for other dorky history buffs...) went through all these cities that were very important in the shaping of the New Testament, rented a car, drove around to a bunch of important sites, and explains why they are important. It's just packed full of information which is filling in a lot of the gaps in our educations.

Hubby puts it this way: "It bridges the gap between areas that I did learn in school and helps make sense of the later history by giving the foundational information that just happened to be connected to early Christian history, and was therefore offlimits in public schools. For example, I had always gotten the impression that the Jewish diaspora was a result of the persecution of Jews by Christians, but it was actually imposed on them by the Roman empire in the 130s in order to keep Judea from being a military nuisance."

On second thought...maybe I shouldn't ask him for quotes...

I am just always amazed at historical facts...I mean, we as a society are so amazingly lazy compared to people in the ancient world. For instance, just looking at a map of the travels of Paul is shocking...particularly since there were no good forms of travel back then! Even more amazing was this information about Hannibal (I think I must have slept through all of the interesting history classes...We definitely didn't look into ancient history in History club in high school...yes...I belonged to the school History Club...) He trained war elephants, got them to Spain, and then marched them from Spain through the Alps over to Italy to attack Rome. He then spent 16 YEARS trying to conquer Italy, but never managed because he lost support back home...

So, put these on your queue, set your DVR, watch them, because they are so cool!

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