Thursday, June 26, 2008

Praying for little things...

So, I've always had a problem with the whole idea of praying for little things. I guess I've always thought it was better to pray for big/important things, but that the little things I should be able to handle by myself.

Several months ago, while doing the Full of Grace study with my MIL, we had a week where we couldn't get the DVD player to work (and we couldn't get a second DVD player that my MIL just happened to have in her car to work, either). The subject was on prayer, and we were discussing praying for the little things. My job, I was informed by the group, was to pray for the DVD player to work the next week. So, at the end of every prayer I said all week long, I asked God to let the DVD player work...and sure enough it did!

Now, that probably should have been enough...but I fell into the same thing again. I am just getting started with some direct sales (again...) and I had to purchase a kit of samples. Well, I ended up scheduling my first party for the following week (7 days from order) and I wasn't sure at all if I would have anything to show people at the party! I had a few catalogs, but that was it...
I was discussing being nervous about that situation with hubby, and he told me to pray for my kit to arrive. I immediately said something like "well, that's not a very important thing to pray for!" and then I caught myself. So, I did pray for my kit to arrive before Tuesday night...Monday afternoon it was left on my back porch. It seems so silly, but since I know that God can take care of the big, important things, that He can take care of the little, unimportant things as well!

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