Monday, June 09, 2008

We enrolled Eva in Kindergarten... Virginia!

Now hubby and I both have unschooling leanings, but we both also worry about how much time, money and effort we would put into doing homeschooling our own way. So, after we both came to the conclusion during the conference this weekend that we should look into prepackaged curriculums we checked out the ones that were available at the conference. We already knew that Mother of Divine Grace wasn't going to work for us (I made hubby read "Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum" and he has a deep aversion to Laura Berquist now...), and I already had some idea of the other Catholic schools/academies/whatever you want to call them.

We ended up being very impressed by the materials, the depth of the curriculum, the support available and the whole having transcripts, etc. that Seton Home Study provides, and we were very pleased to find out the costs involved.

We really weren't considering buying any sort of Kindergarten stuff yet...after all, Eva's not yet 4...but we were disturbed by how much she is already learning that was in all the Kindergarten books...and then we found out that Seton gives you two years to do Kindergarten! So, we figured, we will go ahead and get started with her in the the two year thing, and then she'll move into 1st grade at 6...same as we had been planning all along!

So, we bought the whole thing (going WAY over the budget of $0 that I had set for the vendor area!) and walked out with me rationalizing that if people don't support the vendors, then vendors won't bother to buy tables, and people won't bother to come to the conference, and eventually we wouldn't have a conference at all...

So, part of our economic stimulus check went to Kindergarten!


Christine said...

It alls sounds logical to me. Hope you love it, and it works out well. Homeschooling from scratch is work and expensive (looking back at all the things I did for Clare and her friends last year, and all the things I didn't get to, because I just wasn't organized enough).

Whimsy said...

Wow. You are full of surprises!