Monday, June 16, 2008

Bible study and NFP...

Well, it was another crazy week last week!

We were originally supposed to have our first NFP class on Tuesday night. Well, that didn't really work well for one since we had two couples registered, we talked it over and moved the class to Wednesday night. Then we got back from the homeschooling conference, and got a call from one of the couples that a relative had suprised them and they had to drive her back to the airport on Wednesday evening (the first two couples are related...). By this point, we had one more couple interested, but her hubby was going to be out of town on Wednesday.

So, we rescheduled for Sunday afternoon...and 2 of the 3 couples made it! (The third couple didn't because the hubby had been out of town on business all week and just got home.) We offered the third couple a makeup class if they still want to do the class now...otherwise we'll start a new class series in September.

Teaching the NFP class is pretty exhausting! I can understand now why CCL only wants you doing one class a month.

Beyond that, on Thursday my ladies bible study met and we chose our next study..."Chosen and Cherished" by Kimberly Hahn. So I'm looking forward to doing that soon! We have two more sessions of our current study to go.

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