Thursday, June 19, 2008

Finally, my parenting style is vindicated!

Okay, so I really recommend the book "Catholic Home Schooling A Handbook for Parents" by Mary Kay Clark. It came with Eva's curriculum, and I've finished it up, and now hubby is reading it. But, I just have to share a little bit from the discipline chapter:

"A benevolent dictatorship"

"Do not run your family like a democracy. Run your family like a benevolent dictatorship. Parents are the loving 'dictators' because they are given the graces to know what is best for their children."

The whole "benvolent dictator" thing is pretty funny to me, because that is just my personality naturally. In college, hubby had started a service group, and I joined. He had it set up in the normal manner (president, vice pres., treasurer, secretary, etc.) and he also set meetings for every other week. Well, I started a coup and overthrew his little democracy, and we became a lot more everyone joked that I was the benevolent dictator of the group.

Speaking of hubby...he's threatening writing a guest post here, so there may be random thoughts from him posted sometime this week!

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