Sunday, September 07, 2008

Moving to the country, gonna eat me a lot of peaches...

Otherwise known as Day 7 of my 30 days.

Last night, we left my MILs house with 10 packages of hamburger, 5 lbs of potatoes (she was sent home from her brother's house with about 100 lbs) and a slightly less than 25 lb box of peaches. (She bought them from a student selling them for a school club, but accidentally bought from two students. She did the same thing last year, and a bunch of the peaches rotted before she got to freezing them...not to mention that this year she got a 5 gallon bucket full of peaches off her peach tree!)

We also ended up almost hitting a calf in the middle of the road on our way home. Of course, it had the family brand, so we got to turn it around (we scared it, and it was heading away from its pasture) and drive it back with our big ol' Buick. I think it may have been the first time it drove cattle...amazingly enough.

So, after church today (and after clipping a kazillion coupons from this weeks paper!) I canned 7 more pints of peaches, and froze another 1 1/2 quarts.

We did have to stop at the grocery store for ice (we were hoping to stop by the liquor store, because their ice is cheaper...but apparently though both liquor stores in town are NOW OPEN SUNDAYS!!! They don't open at 9 am...) so, that was another $1.62 towards our $25.00 this week. Since I did need to peel the peaches, and since the most effective way is blanching, and since we don't have an icemaker (or normally make ice in ice cube trays) I figure the ice purchase is okay.

Our grocery total so far is: $23.98

Not bad, since tomorrow is the beginning of week 2!

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