Monday, September 08, 2008

Day 8 - First Day of School!

Well, today has been a highly productive day for me...particularly since we started Kindergarten for Eva today.

My trial schedule worked pretty well today:

Eat, showered and dressed by 8
Religion - 15 minutes
Reading - 15 minutes
30 minute-ish break (today it was the length of Backyardigans)
Phonics - 30 minutes (15 mins of handwriting on alternate days)
Art - 30 minutes (Each day different: Art, P.E., Music, Science)
Break (today not a very long one, I just unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and got the laundry transferred) Hubby got home during this break
Math - 15 minutes (30 minutes on days with handwriting)
Spanish - 15 minutes (on first and fourth days)

So, we are doing school 4 days a week, which allows a day off to coincide with hubby's day off (this week, Wednesday) and to do other things (this Wednesday, Eva has her 4 year checkup and we'll be visiting grandma)

My meal schedule for the month has started, too. It seems to be going well, also. I figured I needed a fairly flexible meal plan to be able to use pantry and freezer items more effectively, but I needed a plan for each day, so I wouldn't give up and have us go out (as much fun as having lunch out on the first day of school would have been!)

Here's the general plan:

Mondays - soup for lunch, pasta for dinner
Tuesdays - sandwiches for lunch, crockpot meal for dinner
Wednesdays - leftovers for lunch, misc. dishes for dnner (pork chops, roast, chili)
Thursdays - pancakes or waffles for lunch, meatloaf for dinner
Friday - hot dogs for lunch, Pizza for dinner
Saturdays - conveience food for lunch (stuff from SHARE in the freezer), Fish for dinner
Sundays - Fend for yourself for the meals we are at home (it's looking like 2 this month)

No shopping so far today, but I do think that I'm going to end up making MORE pickles this I'm hoping we won't need a grocery run, but I haven't checked yet.

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