Thursday, September 04, 2008

Cow slippers - Day 4

Almost done with day 4 of 30 days...

One of the things that I had noticed needed replacing was my slippers. I generally wear slippers around the house, as we have a lot of hard flooring. In the summer, we often get stickers in the house, and in the winter, the floor just gets cold. The slippers I've been using I bought before I was even pregnant with Charlotte, so they really didn't owe me anything. Unfortunately, the padding got all bunched up inside them, and when I was trying to fix it, it all ended up getting pulled no more padding in the slippers.

Then I remembered that I had another pair of slippers that I don't like very much (they are fine if I am sick, but if I have to walk around a lot in them, they slide right off my feet) so I went into our closet to find them. I found them...AND a pair of cow slippers (you know the kind...with the head of the animal at the toes) that I put up because my other slippers (the now destroyed ones) were more comfortable and, lets face it, less embarassing to wear around the house. So, I have embraced my cow slippers today.

No spending today. We went to the library and signed Eva up for storytime, which starts at the end of this month, then headed over to the park to play on the slides and so Eva could ride her bike (our streets are a little rounded for her abilities!)

I'm already getting creative with food...

We've had some variety of cucumber salad for virtually every meal (at least 1, if not 2 a day) and there is no end in sight. Next year, I'm planning on a more diversified garden if only to be able to go back and forth between cucumber salad and sauteed zucchini...

Lunch today was roast beef slices with a little cheese and mustard on hamburger buns grilled and pressed down with a second skillet (kinda like a really white trash panini, I guess) with cucumber salad and orange slices. Dinner, I baked potatoes, and made twice baked potatoes with a can of rice and pinto beans (from SHARE...I've never seen anything like it before!) and a little cheese on top, and served it with canned peaches (we could've had another cucumber salad...I just couldn't take it!) We did manage to use up the leftover hamburger buns from Eva's birthday party today.

I'm doing okay with my lack of paperbackswap so far, although I think that I will have quite a stack to list by the time this month is over!

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