Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 19 - Keep on truckin'

I have to admit, that I REALLY want to quit...

It's not really that the challenge of 30 days is too much for actually doesn't feel like much of a challenge at all...just a slight irritation.

Maybe if I had been able to stick with the $100 of groceries for the whole month, it would've felt like more of a challenge, but I didn't, and so hubby is getting the second $100 and picking up a few specials at the store in the next town over. Today he is working at an office about an hour away (1 way time) and he'll be back there next Friday, then the following Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and is going to be a lot of gas (particularly since we usually fill up his gas tank once a month!), but he is getting paid mileage (but not drive time) and it will get him a few extra miles and hopefully show management that he is willing to work hard and travel.

What's really bugging me is how depressingly empty our refrigerator is...not that we are lacking food! We have plenty of canned and boxed foods in the pantry (though we are low on cereal AGAIN) and lots of frozen foods...but this is an inventory of what our fridge looks like today:

1 grapefruit
1 banana (I keep the really ripe ones in the fridge so they last longer)
2 triangles of Laughing Cow Light cheese (garlic and herb flavor)
2 almost empty coffee cans (regular and decaf)
2 sticks of margarine
1/8 th of a bottle of AppleJack
Brita cube full of water
lots of condiments (most almost empty) such as ketchup, mustard, salad dressings, mayo, vinegars, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, hoisin sauce, jellies and preserves, leftover pickle juice (I'm planning on marinading some pork chops in it) and also about 1/8th of a quart jar of yeast all in the door.

That's it...I look back on my days as a kid opening up my parent's fridge and whining "there's nothing in here to eat!" and just laugh...I wouldn't blame my kids for saying that at this point!

Sadly, I could probably make three healthy meals a day for over a month from the pantry and freezers...

On Sunday we are going back to the city with Wal Mart and Walgreens because hubby has a 4th degree Knights of Columbus meeting. The girls and I are going to do a little shopping (go buy some yogurt and string cheese for the girls, use up my Register Rewards from last time), and then I WAS stressing out because I didn't know how to deal with the fact that we would need to eat while we were up there, and hubby came home from his Knights meeting this week and told me that there would be a potluck God has provided (I definitely can make a potluck dish that will be safe in the car!)

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