Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 17 - more frustrations from falling off the wagon...

Well, today is hubby's day off from work, so we are visiting his parents again. I really really really wanted some caffeine this morning, so we ended up stopping at an unnamed convenience store that has several numbers in their name...

Well, since we were stopping for drinks (I wish I could say that we were stopping for gas, but honestly, the drinks were the reason) hubby suggested topping off the tank, since the price of gas in our town FINALLY fell (and the price rose in my MILs town where we normally buy our gas!) Of course, they require pre-paying...but at most pre-pay stations around here, I can go in, tell them the pump, and they'll start the pump while I grab drinks.

Of course, the one cashier (there were 5 employees in the store, but only one working the register) was busy when I got in, so I grabbed the drinks and then went to the register. I told the girl that I also had a pump, but I wasn't sure if it was done (it looked like hubby was pumping) and she said that he hadn't started because of the prepay thing. So, I asked her to start the pump.

Well, she informs me that I have to give her money before she can start the pump. I pointed out that I was standing right there to pay, and was going to hand her my card as soon as he was done. She told me that that would not work, and that I needed to give her an amount. I told her I had no idea how much it would be, but that I wanted to fill up the tank. The guy sitting behind her (I think that he was doing inventory) said "just put $85"...well, I flipped out. First of all, our Buick has NEVER taken that much gas, and I was just trying to top it off. I told her that it would be $25 tops, so she put it on, and I had to finish paying before she would start the pump (I think that this is possibly the most inane and retarded store policy I have ever heard.) So, I told her that I was going to stay there until it was done to make sure that either all $25 was used, or to make sure I wasn't charged the full $25.

Well, the girl (I'm having a hard time resisting calling her a "chicky", but I'll try to be mature) walked off, and about a minute later she came back and discovered that she sent the credit to the wrong pump. Thankfully, this being at about 9am, they weren't busy and no one was at that pump. Finally, she got it to the right pump..hubby pumped the gas, she told me he was done. I asked her if all $25 was used, and she said "yeah, he used it up."

So, I finally get back to the car, and tell hubby how VERY annoyed I am at the whole situation, and I mentioned that she told me he had used all $25...and he pointed out that the pump said $ we pulled up to the building, and I went inside...had to wait for the same chicky...errr...I mean girl, to be done ringing up another customer, and when I told her that she had lied to me (okay, I didn't flat out call her a liar, but technically, she DID lie to me) and that I wanted my money back, she told me that the amount from the pump was charged to my card instead of the amount I signed for, and I asked for a receipt to prove it...she rolled her eyes, and printed me a receipt (am I being unreasonable here???) and I left.

One would think that companies would want to make it convenient to purchase impulse items along with your gas, but apparently not!

I have letters written in my head to both this company's corporate office and the corporate office of Walgreens...but I probably won't write them, as it serves me right that both times I fell off the wagon this month, I had major frustrations with the transactions...

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