Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 13 - planning for school...

The girls are currently napping (YEAH!!!) and my MIL is coming sometime this afternoon to pick up the girls for an overnight so that hubby and I can practice for our 3 and final NFP class (our first series of classes) and then teach it tomorrow afternoon. We'll pick them up tomorrow evening.

So, I am sitting at the computer desk working on school stuff for next week, and tweaking Eva's schedule. Things I found out I didn't like this week:

-Doing Spanish on day 1 and day 4...will do day 1 and day 3 instead
-Doing PE...period...but will soldier on (I need to come up with something fun!)
-Doing Religion class 4 days a week...will skip Religion on days we go to morning Mass (so, if day 4 ends up being Friday, which it probably will, then we will not do religion as long as Father has Mass and we go)
-Along the same lines as Religion, in two weeks storytime at the library starts again, so on day 3 or 4 (whichever one falls on Thursday) we will skip reading, as long as storytime happens and we attend.

I also decided that I needed a better system then a towering pile of books on top of our bookshelves all I got out 4 file folders, labeled them "Day 1", "Day 2", "Day 3", and "Day 4". In each day's folder, I am pre-tearing out the worksheets from phonics and math (and eventually handwriting, when we start that book) and adding in any extra worksheets (spanish, reading comprehension, art, etc) so that all the worksheets for the day are together. Then, I'll stack the 4 folders with the books needed (religion books, science, the Usborne handwriting book we are using right now, reading stuff) on the top of the bookshelves. Hopefully it will look neater and work better.

So far, so good on the spending thing, as I haven't left the house yet today (don't know that I will, either!) I still have two more days of school to plan, hubby just got home, and Charlotte is waking up!

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Anonymous said...

I am just now getting to your, you made a post when we had Bloggy Giveaways! That was forever ago, my days are hectic.
I am so glad that you were able to have children.
Thats wonderful and God gave you two wonderful gifts