Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Day 2 (or 3...I'm just not sure how to count this yet!)

So, we are now on day 2 since I made the decision to do the 30 days of nothing yesterday...although, I don't think we spent any money on the 1st either, so I guess maybe I'll just call this day 3 to make life easier...

So, today we went to the grocery store. Our local ad came out, and hubby FINALLY remembered to bring it home (usually I have to ask him to pick it up for several comes in the local paper, but the paper is so badly written, we don't subscribe anymore!) of course, right in time for my minimal buying thing...and there were several items that were good deals that I passed up. Here's what I bought:

1 gallon 2% milk $3.79
3.16 lbs bananas $1.05 (got a good price because they are overripe, but the girls are fine with them now...and if they ripen much more, I guess I'll get to make some banana bread...something that hardly ever happens since the birth of Charlotte the banana lover!)
3 boxes cereal $5.00 (5 for $10, used $1 off 3 coupon)
5 lbs potatoes $2.00 (originally charged me $4.45 instead of the sale price, but I noticed before we walked all the way home, so sent hubby back for a refund.)
Total: $12.20

I really have to babysit the checkers at our supermarket because without fail, several things don't scan correctly...and even with my vigilance, they probably overcharge me by $1-$3 per week. If only we had another option (the nearest other grocery stores are 40 miles away)

So far, so good...of course, I have noticed about a dozen things that need to be replaced around here, but I'm thinking of starting a Christmas wish list for them. My parents and hubby's parents frequently ask us what we would like for Christmas, and I almost always tell them there really isn't anything in particular...mostly because I go out and replace things without waiting for an occasion. Maybe this will help me to have a list for them!

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