Monday, September 08, 2008

I've got 11 minutes left until my pickles are ready...

So, I figured I do an update of today.

I did end up going to the grocery store:

1.61 lb white onions $1.27
1 gallon milk $3.79
2.86 lbs bananas $1.97

So, another $7.20 towards my grocery total for the month. I'm up to $31.18.

I've also noticed that we drink a lot more milk at this house when we don't have any pop around...we used up our last supply for Eva's birthday party, so we haven't had any in the house most of the month (I think the last few cans were finished on the 1st). It's probably way better for us all around...less junk food, less soda, more veggies (if only massive amounts of cucumber salad!) and more home cooked meals.

I ended up making the goulash that hubby asked me to learn how to make for his top ten dishes, but ended up using this recipe instead, since hubby looked up the recipe I found and didn't think it was close enough to his mom's version. He found the second one and said it was closer. The only changes I made were to leave out the stewed tomatoes (don't have any in the house!) and the green pepper (all our pepper plants died within a week of transplant this year).

Sadly, I still have 4 minutes to go...guess I'll go check some blogs!

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