Saturday, September 06, 2008

Day 6 - Over the river and through the woods...

Well, we are at grandma's house right now (my MIL, the beloved grandparent!) and things are still going okay with the 30 days.

Yesterday after hubby got home from work, he was really wanting to get out of the house and relax...he asked if it would count against my 30 days if he suggested that we go to Pizza Hut (40 miles away) for supper. I said that if he really needed to get out of the house, we could do it, but that I was more than willing to make homemade pizza. So, instead of about 80 miles round trip and the cost of pizza, I sent hubby to the grocery store and he spent just over $10. (I don't have the receipt with me)

Our grocery list was:
bananas (do you notice a trend? My girls LOVE bananas)
milk (not quite out, but getting close)
dozen eggs
bottle of pizza sauce (kind of a splurge, but the squeezable pizza sauce lasts nicely in our fridge until I can use it up...otherwise, I find moldy pizza sauce in the back of the fridge...)

So, I'm claiming a victory for averting a meal out with $10 at the grocery store, and another movie checked out from the library (which we haven't watched yet).

Today also has gone well...I really had a desire to stop by the pop machines and get 25 cent drinks...but Charlotte would want one, and always spills in her carseat. Honestly, that's probably the only reason I didn't break down...but I did admit that it wouldn't be in the spirit of the challenge to stop for drinks.

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