Tuesday, April 15, 2008

40 bags of bark and 3 years later...

Wow...I think that we are FINALLY done landscaping our yard (just the one lot that our house is on...the adjoining lot that belongs to us is still in its natural state!) The cashiers at Alco probably are still laughing about hubby having to fill up our car twice today (you can fit 20- 2 cubit ft. bags of bark in a Buick Park Avenue if you use either the whole backseat and trunk (no car seats) or 1/2 the backseat and 1/2 the front seat with the whole trunk.)

So, for a full picture of what has occurred in terms of our yard...here's a few posts from back in the day:

May 15th 2006: Pants update and general craziness!

May 23rd 2006: We have a yard...and my hubby is insane!

Apparently, I didn't blog any about our improvements last summer (they weren't much...just some stepping stones to make a front walkway, and about 1/3 of the area in front of our fence covered with bark), but just because it is such a cute post, and deals with our yard, here's one from last year:

May 4th 2007": Our Blessed Mother had an accident...

So, now we have a yard with grass (though we always seem to be trying to get a patch of grass to come back somewhere in it!) A sidewalk made of pavers from our side door to the street, paving stones making up a front walkway, a fence with two gates (side door and front door), bark all along the fence (about 1 1/2 ft wide on side, about 10 ft wide on front), a couple of flowerpots on the porch waiting for the weather to be nice enough to plant flowers, and a bird feeder hanging from the porch. Next on the "make our house look a little less like rednecks live here" agenda is finding some sort of nice looking storage for outdoor toys and decent patio furniture to replace the camp chairs that hubby got with his WestLaw points in law school...

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