Sunday, April 27, 2008

Getting up the ambition...

Well, hubby is in Denver at the Knights of Columbus convention. The girls are at my MILs house, where they stayed overnight, and I am about ready to get dressed for church.

Today is the last day of religious ed and also is a children's Mass. Since hubby is gone, I get to help teach his 4th graders (which actually means walk them over to the Kwik-E-Mart and buy them all something...gotta love traditions that you didn't start and don't particularly though volunteering our time all year for free weren't enough...we are expected to buy junk food for our students the last week!) Since I didn't really relish the idea of taking broken armed Charlotte with me and the 4th graders (the girls in the class always want to hold her...which of course disrupts the actual classes!) I figured my MIL could watch her...and if Charlotte gets to go to grandma's house, Eva is going too! My MIL even offered to come stay the night down here so that Eva could sing with the kids at the children's Mass (they're doing some lame song after communion with the littles), but Eva preferred to spend the night at grandma's house and go to grandma's church instead.

So, I'm going to Mass all by myself! This doesn't happen very often!

Hubby picked up my old twin bed from my parent's house (he took his mom's SUV...she got his car, then I traded her my car so she had car seats for the girls, so at the moment, no one has their own vehicle) and we're going to paint it white to match everything else in the girl's room, and probably move Charlotte to a bed in about 6 months. He also picked up Currywurst from the German deli near my parent's house for my MILs exchange student who has been missing real German food all year.

I had PLANNED to do spring cleaning in the living room/dining room while the girls were gone, but in actuality, last night the only thing I accomplished was the laundry. So, the goal is to do all that after church before everyone gets home (around 3 or 4). Hopefully I'll have the ambition and the strength to do it (I have to move the piano, bookshelves, TV cabinet and couch, etc.)

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