Thursday, April 10, 2008

Broken arm...

Well, we spent the afternoon at my MILs house yesterday, and I got a lot accomplished. I sewed my first ever clothing...dresses for Eva and Charlotte to wear for our family picture for the church directory.

Charlotte fell off a chair, and was favoring the other arm quite a bit...and after a bunch of hubby's co-workers told him horror stories about bad injuries that they had not gone to the doctor right away for, hubby made an appointment.

Good thing, too...she has a broken forearm. Not a snap in half kinda break, but a break nonetheless. Our doctor said that if she were Eva's side, he would just do a splint...but that they don't have any splints in Charlotte's size, so she has a cute little purple cast on her arm. Maybe I'll post pictures after she is feeling a little better!

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Christine said...

Wow! It seems crazy that children break things and don't say anything and we miss it. My friends' little girl broke her finger and they didn't know it for like a week. I'm glad you caught it.