Tuesday, May 23, 2006

We have a yard...and my hubby is insane!

Well, the sod is in...the chain link fence is up...and we are all enjoying being able to throw the dog outside in the morning rather than taking him for a walk! It took from Friday to Friday to get the yard done. Friday the 12th, hubby's cousin brought down their rototiller. Friday and Saturday were about rototilling (around his work schedule of course!) and raking out the clumps. Sunday night was more raking. Monday was prep work for the sod while FIL and MIL picked it up. Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment in Denver, so MIL, Eva and I left for that and all the boys (hubby, BIL, and FIL) along with our dog and FILs dog (our dog's sister) spent the day down here putting in the sod. Apparently, they got done putting in the sod by the time I got out of my HOUR AND A HALF doctor's appointment! (I still have a bruise from the blood draw a week later!)

So, FIL and BIL decided to go start tearing down the chainlink fence at "the old trailerhouse" (one of the farm's properties that hasn't been lived in except by mice for about 3 years) so that we could reuse it here. Wednesday morning, BIL came down with fence parts. DH went and bought poles and quickcrete (as the old poles were very well cemented in up there!) and the boys went to work...problem with this plan? Hubby was (as usual) working a split shift...and went back to work about the time Eva went down for a nap...so, I got to help put in all the poles! My BIL is a slavedriver...As we were finishing up a pole I said "I need a glass of water, would you like one?" and his response was "One more pole, then you can have a break...I'm not a slavedriver or anything!" (Weird kid!) Thursday BIL returned to put up the top bars. Again, hubby was working split shift and went back when Eva went to sleep...so I got to help with that one too! When hubby got home from work, they got about half of the chain link up, and then MIL and FIL came down and we went out to the "new steakhouse" (as the name it was going to have became something else, and now everyone just calls it the new steakhouse or the steakhouse!) which was fun, but apparently three cooks and one manager all took the day off figuring that a Thursday wouldn't be too bad...they were wrong!

Finally, BIL came down after hubby got off work on Friday, and they got the rest of the chain link up! So we have a yard! Saturday hubby had to work the long shift, so when he got home, we did a little housework but mostly just relaxed. So, I was looking forward to a nice relaxing Sunday starting with church at our parish at 10:30.

I took my shower a little earlier than usual (because we usually wait until the last minute and the second showerer gets cold water...I usually shower second!) and then hubby jumped in the shower early. He got out, threw the dog out in the yard and announced (at about 9 am) "we're going to Denver!" So, after asking him about a dozen times if he was serious (he was) I changed out of my dress and dress shoes and into some pants (I'm not driving 3+ hours in a dress and dress shoes!) and figured out what church in the area we were heading had an evening Life Teen mass. So, we went shopping first (I know, we've gone back and forth on the Sunday shopping thing, but as neither of us actually enjoys shopping, and since hubby only has Sundays off...well, sometimes shopping happens on Sunday!) and got some maternity clothes for me! (YEAH!!! I only had one pair of maternity pants, and the whole holding together my regular jeans with a hair tie thing will only last a month or so longer...and requires longer maternity style shirts!) I got a pair of pants (kinda khaki) two skirts (one denim, one black) two t-shirts (purple and blue) and a long sleeved blouse (kinda hippy style, in brown). I also got a pair of crocs, since with Eva by month 6 or 7, I exclusively wore flip-flops...and I was thinking that flip-flops in November might be a little cold!

We also made a trip to Sam's club for misc. stuff (including a bunch of supplies for my MIL to make a wedding cake for this weekend!) and I found the most awesome patio furniture there...the downside...it was $350 (so will never be in our price range) but it was a super comfy double chaise lounger...just what I need out on the porch to supervise the girl and the pug when they are playing!

So, we went to the Life Teen mass at a pretty liberal catholic church (they call themselves a "Catholic community"...) which was fun, and Eva enjoyed a lot...but I couldn't handle it regularly...and there were a couple of things that just seemed like liturgical abuses there (like doing some weird song version of the creed to the tune of "If you're happy and you know it"...) But they had some first communicants, and they were pretty cute. I have to admit, I have come a long way since becoming Catholic...the first time I went to a mass with guitar music I literally walked out (I couldn't take it) and when hubby and I went to a marriage conference when we were first married, they started off by singing some song with hand gestures (I don't remember the song, but I do remember that one of hubby's cousins and her husband were there, and her husband stood there with his arms crossed and scowling, just like I was!) At the Life Teen mass, they started off with the song "His Banner Over Me Is Love" with hand gestures...which I did (and which I already knew from the music portion of religious education when I was CRE at our old parish!)

So, after Mass, we went out for supper, then headed home. Got back home at about 11 pm...had a horrible thunderstorm all night long that kept me awake until 4 am. Didn't get much of a nap yesterday with toddler monster going full speed...had to work at the movie theatre last night (and have to work again tonight...but it will be the last night for us! YEAH!!!) So, I am just now getting a chance to breathe! WHEW!!!!

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