Friday, February 29, 2008


So, after my last post, I got to thinking...if hubby were home and I asked him to fix my sewing machine, what would he do?

Given his upbringing and his parentage (and the fact that my MIL gives all the men vice grips practically every Christmas) I went to the tool drawer, found one of many pairs of vice grips and used them to beat...err...I mean, fix, my sewing machine!

So, I managed to complete the machine sewing on one insert (thanks to the girls taking an unprecedented 3 hour nap!...of course, since Eva has pink eye and a fever, I'm guessing that may have something to do with it!)

Once Eva gets out of bed and eats her snack (Charlotte is happily eating, already) the three of us (four with the dog) will go outside so the girls can play and I can turn the insert right side out and hand sew the last side!

Now my big dilemma is: do I go to the scrapbooking crop that hubby is willing to let me go to (given I was away from home last night, too), or should I stay home, lock myself in the laundry room and see if I can knock out 4 more of these things??


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