Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I don't even have the energy to come up with a title...

Last week was very frustrating...nothing in particular was wrong...both kids were on the mend, normal amount of running around, etc.

I am just having another one of those days!

I ordered a diaper off of, and had all sorts of frustrations with paypal...including my account being unable to do bank transfers, a double transfer into paypal from our checking account (this one was my fault...I transfered in the money, then paid a person, which caused an automatic transfer of the same amount) and finally, even though I CLEARLY remember clicking the ship to address for this house, when I checked it today, the ship to address was our old house (where we haven't lived for over 2 years...) and to top it off, the lady had indeed mailed it to the wrong address (not her fault, of course...but when you hope somebody is procrastinating, they never are!)

So, hubby worked it out with the one nice lady at the post office up there (there is one guy that is just a pain...I had to print off the internet at the postal service website the definition of media mail because he wouldn't let me send BOOKS media mail! Okay, I know I should just get over it...) and I have to call my MIL to go pick it up when it arrives.

I've been working on kids clothes all week long...we went through all the clothes from the attic, and now I have 3 tall kitchen bags of clothes to take up to Once Upon a Child when I head to Denver this a large black ForceFlex trashbag of clothes in more worn condition for Goodwill. I finally have that done, and still need to clean out the car for the trip and pack.

Add on top of that, I've had a stuffy nose and sore throat all week (nothing more than irritating) and Charlotte is firmly in "destruct-o-baby" mode today...

I just am so tired and worn out about being a mom right now. I so need this day off this Saturday! Okay, I am now done complaining, and I will work on changing my attitude to a more positive one!

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Christine said...

I think we all have those days especially when we're not feeling well and it's February. I'll say a little prayer for you tonight, and that you have a nice day off on Saturday. :)