Monday, February 11, 2008

My first meme!

Okay, I've finally been tagged for a the problem is I have to think of people to tag now!

That Book Meme (which is about to show truly what a dork I am!)

I was tagged by Christine over at Good Company.

Here are the rules:

1)Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages.)
2)Open the book to page 123.
3)Find the fifth sentence.
4)Post the next three sentences.
5)Tag 5 people. (This assumes that I know 5 people who blog who haven't already done this one!)

So, the books close at hand are 1)The Art of Natural Family Planning, 2)God Help Me These People Are Driving Me Nuts, 3)Pat the Bunny, and closest because it is at the top of the stack--Fertility, Cylces & Nutrition. (I am such a dork!)

So, here goes:

Small problem...there aren't 5 sentences on 123...the end of a chapter, so here is the 5th sentence: "My breasts hurt so much sometimes that I can't even hug my husband."

The quotation continues: "Other times they feel uncomfortably full, but I'm not nursing. Please don't tell me it's my coffee--I'll give up anything else!"

The answer begins with the third sentence:
It probably is caffeine, as you've no doubt suspected by the correlation between your coffee habit and your symptoms.

Great, now people will find me because of the word breast...I should go find one of those "your blog is rated" tests about now!

I tag Whimsy (since she is one of my few readers!), Theresa at Heckboys, Dietrich over at wombs of life (that had better have a different one than Whimsy) and because I've run out of people to harrass who have blogs...I tag my hubby who should start a blog to answer this!

1 comment:

Christine said...

Lol! I was laughing all the way through your post.

It made me appreciate that my Creighton NFP manual wasn't anywhere near my computer.