Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sick kids and Women of Grace...

Well, both girlies are sick right now...they each have at least one infected might have two...I'm not totally clear on it, even after an HOUR at the doctor's office.

I think that I may just have "sucker" written across my head...either that or I just have really bad timing for doctors appointments. I ALWAYS seem to get the med students (not that I mind, but with two sick kids and a hubby looking at the clock every 2 minutes because his boss was dumb enough to tell him to come back to work as soon as the girls appointment were over...AND it being during was just not the most fun hour of my life!) So, after the med student was done figuring things out she went to talk to our doctor for 15 minutes, and then he came in for about 10 to confirm and write prescriptions.

Which I dropped off at the pharmacy on the way home. Hubby said that he'd pick them up on his way home from work. He forgot (which isn't suprising, I'd have a hard time remembering, too!) went back, got EVA's prescriptions, told me they didn't have any for Charlotte, so I had to run back to the pharmacy before it closed (10 mins) to get that straightened out. It turns out that Charlotte wasn't in their computer. 14 months old, and this is apparently her first prescription! I'm so proud!

So, I have my Full of Grace study group this morning, and one of hubby's aunts is being very nice and is going to watch the girls for me. (I don't want to get other people's kids sick!) I've been very challenged by a lot of things recently...and I have a lot of thoughts running around in my head...hopefully soon I'll be able to get them to settle down so that I can get them written down! I'm glad I'll be doing this study again with my bible study group here in town...I'm going to need the reinforcement!

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