Friday, February 29, 2008

Foiled again...

Maybe I need to rethink this whole homemaker thing...I just don't know if I am really cut out for domesticity!

I mean, there are basic tasks that I SHOULD be able to handle as a homemaker...ironing, for one (which I lamented about my skills on here a few months ago), cooking, which I at least do well enough that the family MOSTLY doesn't complain (thank goodness I don't have picky eaters!), and one would think working a sewing machine that I've had for 2-3 years would be among the skills of a homemaker.

It is a war every time I get that dumb thing out (okay, hubby actually has to get it out because we have to move our deep freeze to get it off of its shelf in our laundry room!) Most of the time, I can handle some basic sewing (such as hemming hubby's pants to 26 inches, since the shortest I can ever purchase are 29) with several rethreadings (and heaven help me if I have to wind a new bobbin...thankfully, I generally keep blue thread in the machine since most of my mending is hubby's work clothes!). Today, however, the sewing machine has won!

So, my goal for this afternoon is sewing some inserts for...well, the term I've learned at some diaper sites is "mama cloth" so I'll go with that...

I have several ratty prefolds (toddler size) that were partially destroyed when I procrastinated washing diapers for too long, and the ammonia ate away at the cotton (we also lost several diapers and about half our medium covers to mildew...long story...Charlotte was getting too squirmy to diaper, so about 1/2 the time we resorted to disposables...that combined with a diaper pail that could hold 4-5 days of diapers...not good!) After a particularly long cycle, I determined that I wasn't going to buy anymore disposable "mama cloths", and I have been formulating a plan to use these diapers for longer than I should have, and now my need is getting critical.

So, the goal was for me to get some inserts made during nap time, with the theory that next pay period I will buy some fabric to make covers similar to this pattern. Good theory, huh?

Well, until I bent the needle of my sewing machine very badly, and discovered (I've never had to change the needle on the machine) that it is in there VERY tightly, and my big, burly, strong man (okay as big, burly and strong as we have around here) already went back to work. So, I decided to come blog about it while I brainstorm a way to get that silly needle out so that I can finish some inserts before I run out of my small stash of disposables!

Since hubby knew of my plans, as he was leaving for work he asked me "do you think that maybe you should reevaluate your life goals?" I'm starting to think he may have been right!


Whimsy said...

A whole post on mama cloths and the only time you mention the word "period" is dear hubby's paycheck!


majellamom said...

that was my attempt at being discreet (though I guess I didn't realize I used the phrase "pay period")

Hubby's opinion is that there is no polite way to blog about this sort of thing, and that even my discreet post is TMI...