Thursday, May 29, 2008

So far so good...

Well, the using what we have from the pantry thing is going pretty well. Wednesday night we had angel hair pasta with a sundried tomato and olive pasta sauce. Yesterday we had pancakes and mixed fruit for lunch and brats on homemade hot dog buns (I REALLY need to practice these...they always turn out flat and lumpy...) with oven fries and corn for dinner. Today I was on to make our priest dinner as well, so for lunch we had crockpot BBQ pork...I threw in both pork roasts that we still had in the freezer and cooked them overnight. I sent the pork, two hamburger buns (homemade...I also need work on these!) carrot and celery sticks, and hubby bought a bag of chips and a can of iced tea because he was worried about Father not having enough to eat. We had the pork with veggies for lunch, and I am making penne with pasta sauce and garlic toast for dinner right now. (Okay, I stockpile pastas and pasta sauces...)

Tomorrow we'll have the leftover pork over biscuits (canned, because I still have some!) with some sort of side (probably oranges, we have a ton!) Then in the evening we have the going away party for MILs exchange student. I'm bringing a large potato salad...using up the rest of our potatoes and eggs. (We'll get a few more potatoes from SHARE on saturday) So, saturday, we'll have ham and cheese sandwiches on homemade bread with something. Saturday night, since we'll have new SHARE stuff will be when I figure out a couple more days.

Father's homily tonight has me scratching my head. He talked about how to throw your cloak away was like giving away your life. When the guy threw his cloak away to follow Jesus, Jesus asked him what he wanted. So Father said that we had thrown our cloaks away by giving up everything to come to Mass, and that we should ask Jesus for what is deep in our hearts.

I think I'll be pondering that one for a while...particularly juxtaposed against yesterday's homily...

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