Friday, May 16, 2008

Cast FREE!!!

I almost forgot! Yesterday we took Charlotte into the doctor and she was declared as good as new! No more splint, and she still is pointing to her arm and babbling incoherently about it!

So, as a reward for having a good arm, right after the x-ray she got three immunizations.

Also, when we traveled to the airport to pick up SIL, I forgot to grab a I decided that she was done! Had hubby pack up all the pacifiers at home and she hasn't touched one since...

I'm all about the cold turkey philosophy with pacifiers. I have to admit that I threw away the girl's bottles on their first birthdays...and then with Eva, I threw out all her pacifiers at my SIL's wedding (yes, same one!) and then we moved the next day. I really thought that I'd not be as mean with Charlotte, but I guess taking it away on a day long driving trip with an arm in a splint, and then getting immunizations the next day is ALMOST as mean as taking it away in the middle of a day long family wedding celebration on New Year's Eve Day and then moving the next day...

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