Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm feeling very stimulated this morning...

Economically, that is! Today is a great day moneywise...paycheck and economic stimulus check were direct deposited this morning. Now if we just get our reimbursement check from our Flexible Spending Account (we have a debit card for it, but our particular insurance will not let us use the card for copays, so we have to pay, save a bunch of paperwork, and then fax it in...I fax it in when I have 4 copays to deal with, as about 4 receipts will fit on a standard piece of paper) I will be extremely happy!

My SIL is visiting for a few days (not with us, with my MIL...but that means trips up to see her) and I drove up with my MIL to get her at the airport and meet my other SIL for lunch. On the way back home to my MILs house (where hubby met us after work) we were discussing vacations, and she pointed out that we should come visit them at some point (she and her hubby live in Portland). I told her about the vacations we have planned so far: 2 this summer to conferences, and in the Spring of 2009 to our Goddaughter's first Holy Communion...and then I was teasing her that if she just had some sort of event we'd probably show up (which I guess isn't entirely true, because we didn't fly out for her college graduation...) This SIL and her husband are in the early stages of the adoption process, as my SIL has MS and is on a medication she would have to stop taking if she were to get pregnant, and her much older husband has several siblings with genetic problems. So, my MIL pipes up with "well, maybe we'll all be going out for a baptism in a couple of years!" and then immediately apologized.

Turns out that my SIL wants to let her children choose the faith (her hubby is a nothing/neo-pagan type) and she apparently has told her mother not to mention it...I wouldn't be suprised if it was particularly not to mention it to me and hubby...

So, I think I kinda ticked her off by pointing out that she stood in a church and vowed that she would raise her children Catholic...I know that her hubby didn't make that promise, but she did. I also told her that at one point (way before we had kids) I thought that maybe it would be better to let kids choose to be baptised, as I did at 18...but that in order to raise kids Catholic or to raise them to be religious people as adults, it is important to actually raise them in the church, and you can really raise a kid in the church if you are waiting for the kid to make the decision to become'd get to be a problem right around 2nd grade relgious ed when all the other kids are preparing for FHC...and you have to explain to the priest, DRE, teacher, whoever that you are waiting for said 7 year old to make a decision to be baptised.

Sometimes I really just want to smack this particular SIL upside the head!

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