Friday, May 23, 2008

Bible Study Suggestions?

Well, it's been about the same around here...though we were enjoying nice weather for a while and taking lots of picnics. It's been really windy the last few days. Luckily, no tornados very close to us yet.

Last night I had my young women's study group. We've been doing the "Full of Grace" study by Johnette Benkovic. It's been a little bit trying...we have 13 women in our group (according to our address list!) and of those 13, 4 have made it to all (or nearly all...1 of the 4 hardcore women had a baby in there, and took a week off!) There are about 4 more ladies that show up fairly regularly, but don't really have our group as a major priority for a variety of different reasons, and then we have the rest who have come to anywhere from 0-2 sessions (out of 6, so far!)

The priest who was here when the study group started told the two women who helped get it going that we needed to split because the group became too large. We never did split at his advice, mostly because no matter how the group got split, there would be hard feelings all around (too many of the women are related!) The next priest told us that it would naturally become smaller, either by a natural split, or people just dropping out of the group as time went on. I think we may be at that point. Of the 6 sessions 4 had exactly 5 people at them.

So, we are coming close to the end of the "Full of Grace" study and I am doing some research for possible things to do next (being the biggest dork in the group, I always volunteer to research stuff...I have no life!)

So, what we are looking for is:
-Something less intensive for the summer months (considering maybe a DVD format study)
-Something that is an actual Bible study. The group tried one once (before I joined) and people didn't really take the time to look up the scripture verses, so it was a major flop. Hopefully something that will be challenging, but interesting.
-Perhaps something by Kimberly Hahn...her name came up as a writer whose writing style is comfortable and understandable for most of us (a couple people just cannot stand Johnette Benkovic's speaking style...mostly everyone is okay with the reading part of the study.
-We do really enjoy the multimedia formats, I think...but definately anything with a talk for each group session would need to be available on DVD, as we all don't want to stare at each other while listening to a CD.

Any thoughts? Great Bible studies/Catholic studies that we should consider?


Whimsy said...

If the multimedia Bible Study doesn't materialize, Fr. John Corapi has a great series on the Catechism (which would be a Bible study in a certain way, as the CCC is constantly referring to the Bible.)

Really, though, anything he touches turns to gold, and there is so much to choose from!

Whimsy said...

Whimsy said...

Christine said...

Also this might not be great for the summer since you want to do lighter - but Scott Hahn's study bibles - are basically like a bible study - they're already divided up by book. My bible study group worked through John one Lent, and some of Paul's letters one Fall. It's pretty easy to break up 2-3 chapters a week, and we're really gotten alot out of them. You learn so much about Scripture and there are study questions in the back which are both academic and application. Also you don't have to look anything up usually because the Book of the Bible you are studying is the book. :)

Good luck, let us know what you choose.

I'll do a little research in to Kimberly Hahn too. :)